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Pinterest is a great tool with significant potential for event planners. It is a sociable, trackable and flexible platform that allows you to be creative and really capture the imagination of your audience through visual displays. That’s quite a bit of ammo to work with, but how you may ask, can you do it? This post will talk about how to use Pinterest to spark an interest among attendees and potential attendees.

Create A Pin Showcasing Your Past Events

If you have pictures or videos of a past event that can adequately create an interesting piece, you can use that to attract people and whet their appetite. The interest that this pin generates could see it being repinned several times over and gaining a number of followers for you who are interested in receiving updates on your event. This will help to keep it in the forefront of these viewer’s minds right up until the date of the event.

3 Tips to Generate Interest Around Your Event on Pinterest

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Integrate Your Pinterest Account with Facebook and/or Twitter to Connect With Your Followers

Visually-oriented mediums such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram have shown that people are largely attracted to visual as opposed to printed content. The widespread use of infographics is another very telling indicator. You can connect your Pinterest account to your Facebook timeline so your event planning will be automatically posted there each time you pin something. Twitter is another great medium on which to gain visibility for your event. Once you have posted a pin, you are given the option to tweet it. Make use of that option.

You can use your Facebook timeline to create a status regarding your event and invite your followers to interact with it by clicking through to your pin and posting their own related photo. For example, if you are planning a party, you could post something catchy about party planning ideas and invite people to click through to your link to view some cool photos or watch a cool video. Invite them to share their own pictures of some great party idea or moment.

Create a Board Promoting the Future Event

Now that you have people interested in and interacting with your past events board, you should guide their interest to the upcoming event. On this board you can display pictures of the speaker, the venue and any interesting activity that will take place. The venue is usually a major part of the appeal, so be sure to show it off as best as possible. Capture and display pictures or videos of special things your guests will be able to see and/or do. You can link your website to this board so your followers can click through and get more details about the event. You can also give your sponsors some exposure by showcasing their products on your board.

Your ultimate aim is to use your pin board to create a buzz and generate excitement among the people you want to attend. The fact that you can create new visual content within a short time means you can keep adding fresh content that will hold the interest and keep the event in the minds of those who will be attending.

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