Event Planning Blueprint

Planning an event is a lot of work. Even if it’s a small event, you’ll need to buy items and book vendors. The slightest oversight could result in a party that guests will be discussing for years. No one wants that to happen, so to help you, here are five ways to organize the event, so it’s a success.

Why Organization is Important?

With everything you need to throw a successful party, it make sense to organize it. When you organize, you know what you have and what you don’t. You don’t have to remember anything because all you have to do is look down at your list and schedule to see everything.

5 Ways to Stay Organized

How to Organize in Five Ways

There are many ways to organize. Some people need a very simple way to organize, while others feel more comfortable separating everything into categories, so their organization means having much more to carry around with them. By reading these five ways to organize, you can choose the one that’s best for you.

#1: Fill a List and Calendar

Print out a calendar online. You can find many free printables, so choose one that fits your needs the best. You may also want to print a sheet that you can use as a check off list. Glue the list sheet next to the calendar in folder. List all of the things you need to purchase and book for the event. On the calendar, write down the item you’ll purchase and the vender you’ll book on the day you’ll do it. Each day, look at the calendar and do what you wrote.

#2: Make a List

Some people choose to have a simpler way to organize what they need to do, and one of the simplest is writing down everything that needs to be done, and check it off as it’s completed. If you’re skilled at spreadsheets, it’s good to have one with a column that you can put in what you have to do, the date you want to do it or have done it, and then one with any notes about it. One simple sheet will have everything organized the way you need it to be.

#3: Write It All Out in a Notebook

Lists and calendars don’t meet everyone’s needs, so consider using a notebook. You can use it by writing a vendor or item on each page, and then notes about it underneath. That way when you need to know about the item or vendor, you can quickly flip to the page, and have everything you need.

#4: Use Technology

Tablets, smartphones, and computers are great ways to organize events. You can use the calendar features, task lists, and notes section to type in everything you need. You can set up alerts, so you don’t forget to make calls and purchases. Since everything can be synced, event planners have everything they need wherever they are.

#5: Make a Folder

A folder can hold everything you need including receipts, notes, and a calendar. Some people decide to put their list on the front of the folder for easy accessibility, while others just place it on the back of the calendar. You do whatever makes it easier for you when using a folder for organization.

With these organization tips, you’ll be able to plan an event with less stress and more proficiency. You’ll be able to your own party without fuss, and impress any clients you have that you’re assisting with an event.

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