Let us begin the year by setting our goals and to come up with a better plan on how us Event Planners or even an ordinary individual be very effective and efficient this year. I will be sharing today, 7 ways on How to be an Effective Event Planner. Things that you may consider to start doing to help you become a better You.

Following are things that I guarantee you to be of help on your growth as an Event Planner and as an individual.

1. The Habit of Reading

Today, most of us spend time watching videos on Youtube, though there are a lot of educational and informative videos on the internet, I strongly suggest you to still read. There are tons of gems that you might be missing out if you don’t give yourself the habit of reading. Read more books, websites, and blogs. There is a big difference between reading and watching informative materials. Usually, when we read we tend to be more focus.

2. Be organized

One of the things I learned and trying to accomplish this year is for me to be able to maximize the use of our Calendars. Since we are only limited to only 24 hours a day, we should keep on track on things that we do on a daily basis. It is ideal to have all our activities plotted on our calendars ahead of time. Doing this we allow ourselves to be more prepared and efficient as we now have an idea in advance about our future commitments.

Effective Event Planner

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3. Be open to new ideas

One of the best thing that we can start doing this year is to be open to new ideas. There are a lot of things we could learn from others and with this, we are opening ourselves to more opportunities. Learn to listen to other people ideas or perspectives that are somehow not the same as yours. This would not just develop your social relationship with the people around you but as well you are also allowing yourself to discover different ideas.

4. Start taking care of Yourself

Yes, this is on the list. A healthy body helps in boosting your productivity – in effect making you more effective and efficient. Make it a habit to do regular exercise and eat healthier foods. This will not just help you to be more effective but as well very beneficial in the long run.

5. Spend Your Mobile Phone Usage Wisely

Mobile Phone usage can be very distracting especially at times that you need to be productive. Smartphones are very convenient to use especially for us Event Planners but sometimes it can also be the cause of us becoming ineffective. Learn to discipline yourself on your mobile usage so you can have yourself more focus on things that you should be doing at the moment.

6. Set Your Goals

Make your goals your priority. Let your goals be your driving factor in everything you are doing. Be it being productive, effective and or being an efficient Event Planner. Never allow yourself to be slowed down by any circumstances that you may encounter. It is a high time for you to be on track and to reach your goals.

7. Trust Yourself

Everything starts with yourself. Start to trust and believe what you can be able to achieve. If you wanted to be an effective Event Planner, claim it. Have yourself motivated and inspired by allowing to trust yourself more. Remember the only person that can stop you from achieving your goals is yourself. This year, allow yourself to be the best version of who you are.