Event Planning Blueprint

If you’re planning to attend an important event or business conference then it would be ideal to be at your best look especially if you wanted a long lasting first impression. Whether we like it or not, the way we present matters with everyone. And as Events are perfect for extending our networks it would be ideal to be on our top notch to impress everyone. If you’ve been wondering how to dress up for important events then read on and learn some of the simple tips on how to dress up for an event or business conference.

Dress Up

If you’re attending an event that’s in a rather conservative industry then don’t be afraid to arrive in a quality suit complete with pristine shirt and tie. It’s easy to make the mistake of being too casual but rarely will you be accused of being overdressed in a suit and tie. For women attendees, a knee length tailored skirt with matching fitted suit jacket and modest shirt is the perfect way to make an impression. Invest in quality hosiery and keep accessories low key.

Appropriate Business Attire

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Of course, you need to consider the industry you’re in when it comes to the standard of dress you settle on — just be certain you are not going to be mistaken to be someone working inside the event rather as guest for the event. Be sure to read all the event details thoroughly to ensure you do not miss any dress codes suggested for the occasion. In terms of colour choices, dark colours are safe choice for both men and women.

Casual Conferences

If you’re aware that the event you’re attending has called for everyone to dress casually that doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind and arrive in your Hawaiian shirt and weekend thongs. Instead, err on the side of ‘smart casual’, opting for tailored pants in heavy cottons and lighter colours such as khaki or beige. Collared polo shirts are an excellent choice or light cotton shirts with casual checked patterns. In colder climates choose fine knit jumpers in safe colours.

For the ladies, select skirts and dresses in styles that remain conservative and avoid high heeled shoes, instead stick to closed or semi-closed toe medium to flat shoes. Keep the fun jewelry for the weekend and whether it’s a casual environment or not, makeup should be kept subtle.

Climate Considerations

Do some research into the weather conditions predicted for the local area you’re attending for the event. Traveling long distance to a conference? Then seriously consider changing into your event clothes on arrival rather than sitting in them for several hours during a plane or road trip. You’ll feel and look that little bit less polished and aware if your clothes are creased before the day even gets started.

Most events are indoors and air conditioning will keep the climate pleasant, but remember that often times there are breaks where attendees are invited to take a walk around outside to get some fresh air. Umbrellas, rain coats or sunscreen and light clothes will be your key to success in keeping your appearance up throughout the day despite these outdoor trips.

Remember, when you know you’ve presented yourself in the best way possible your confidence shines through and you open yourself up to all kinds of opportunities, and that’s what makes it all worth it. – EventChecklist.net

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