If your idea of a perfect wedding has you saying your sweet “I do” to the background music of crashing waves and the calls of the seagulls, then the beach is the perfect venue for it.

Beach wedding is also typically easier to plan and cheaper to budget than a traditional wedding. But just how do you plan that perfect beach wedding of your dreams?

1. Decide on the Guest List

This should be one of the first things to consider when planning any kind of wedding. Knowing early on just how many people you’re planning to invite makes deciding on the wedding venue a lot easier. A smaller guest list provides more flexibility in planning, although most beaches can accommodate a large group as well.

2. Budget

The budget should be something that you and your partner can work on without incurring debts (or too much of it) even before you begin your married life. If you have a large budget, then consider renting out a private beach, such as those owned by hotels or homeowners. This may even work as a destination wedding and allows your guests to make a vacation out of the whole event. However, if you’re working on a tight budget, creativity is the key. A public beach should work well, but be sure to find one that’s not too commercialized, but still accessible to you and your guests.

Beach Wedding

3. Pick a Location

It’s important to choose a location wisely so as not to encounter any problems later on. Choose one that is sheltered from direct winds, and is far away from the tide should it decide to intrude midway into your wedding ceremony.

4. Pick a Date

This involves much more than just picking a random date off the calendar. It requires taking into consideration the season, the weather, any local or national holidays, as well as the tides on a specific date that you may have in mind. Opting to have your beach wedding on an off-peak season not only means less expensive rates, you’re also bound to get a yes on your desired date. For that romantic wedding picture, have your wedding ceremony held an hour before sunset. Not only will you have that perfect lighting for great pictures, but you’ll also have a great view of the setting sun as your background.

5. Secure the Permits

If your wedding will be taking place on public property, it’s best to have all the paper works handy in case you are asked for it. Inquire about all the necessary permits you’d need to acquire, and be sure to follow them so as to avoid any conflicts or run ins with the law.

6. Decorations

The beach location you’ve selected may be wide and expansive, and this may prove to be a pain to decorate. Make it easier by settling on a focal point, and work your magic from there. The rest of your decorations should be in line with the motif or theme that you’ve decided on. On the other hand, a beach venue doesn’t really need a lot in terms of decorations. Use the ocean as your backdrop, and keep things simple and natural.

7. Think Comfort and Safety

Beaches are usually associated with images of sun and fun, but they may also be breezy. As such, it’s important to think of you and your guests comfort and safety. Set up canopies to provide shade from the glaring heat of the sun. Offer slippers and bug repellants at the entrance, and make sure to have refreshment at the ready on nearby tables to for thirst-quenching.

So go ahead and start planning on that dream beach wedding. With the right planning, everything should be a piece of cake.

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With over four years of professional writing experience, Tara Bernal currently writes wedding articles for Music For Scotland, a music agency who presents regular wedding band showcases in Glasgow. Aside from aiming to see as much of the world as possible, she likes breakfast food, piano pieces, boat rides, and mocha lattes.

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