So many couples dream of getting married on the beach, and quite a number of them are making this dream become a reality. What are some tips to keep in mind when you’re planning this type of nuptial celebration?

Near or Far

Depending upon where you live, you might have to travel a bit to have your beach wedding. Whenever you are throwing a destination wedding, it’s smart to consider the guest list. For example, if one of your very close relatives is unable to fly on a plane, you’d be better suited to a beach wedding within the country. No matter where you wind up having your beach wedding, just be advised that fewer people tend to go to destination weddings than traditional weddings.

Ceremony Considerations

Some couples just want to have their reception on the beach, and others want to have their ceremonies as well. If you are having a religious ceremony, you need to find out what the requirements of your faith are. For example, a Roman Catholic ceremony is not allowed outside of the church. If having a member of the clergy is important to you, you need to find out if it’s possible in your religion.

Beach Wedding

All The Vendors

Even if your wedding is more casual than most, you still want to have all of the vendors present. Hiring a Cabo wedding photographer (click here) ensures that beautiful pictures will be procured of your lovely wedding on the beach. You should also hire a DJ and a caterer as music and food are frequently considered to be the two most important elements of any wedding. Whether you are having both the ceremony and reception or only one of these events on the beach, you also need to find out if any permits need to be obtained, and other logistical arrangements.

Consider Attire

For a beach wedding, it is often difficult to wear a heavy gown. You will likely be quite warm and have some trouble dragging it across the sand. Furthermore, wearing heels, or asking the women in the bridal party to wear heels, is really not too reasonable for a beach wedding. At many beach weddings, the groom and men in the bridal party will actually wear lighter colored suits or suits made of more breathable fabric. You need to consider how the outside elements could have an effect on your wedding ceremony and reception.

The Weather

Speaking of the outside elements, it’s also important to think about how the weather could change the wedding plans. When having a beach wedding, as much as the couple wants to think positively, it is so crucial to have a backup plan. A secondary location must be obtained. A tent on the beach is often not enough– If a serious storm hits, the waves could cause the intended location to be flooded.

Planning a beach wedding really gives the couple an opportunity to explore their unique interests and plan a party suited to their style. With the right planning and considerations, your wedding will be a beautiful, unique, and fun event that everyone will remember.

Photo Credit: linh.ngan