Organising and throwing a wedding is an incredibly happy process to go through and one that will hopefully result in the best day of your life. At the same time though it is also one of the most stressful experiences for most people. You will be spending huge amounts of money and there is just a great deal that can go wrong. The pressure to make this into a perfect occasion is huge and sometimes it can feel like you just have a million balls in the air.

Thankfully though what you need to remember is that you are not alone. Of course you will be shouldering this burden jointly with your partner, but at the same time you will also be able to farm out some of the work onto your network of friends and family. For guys this particularly means enlisting the help of your best man, so read on to see just how much they can help you…

Top Jobs for Best Men

Organising the Stag Do: Of course any man getting married will want to enjoy a stag do before they do – it’s tradition and in theory it’s their last big ‘blow out’ as a single guy. Organising this on top of your wedding itself though is the absolute last thing you’re going to want to do though, so that’s where the best man comes in.

Best Man

Another nice thing about having a best man organise your stag party is that it means you can distance yourself from difficult decisions. Like inviting your future Father-in-law for instance. You may not know whether you’re supposed to or not in this scenario, but if your best man handles it for you then you can just play ignorant…

Helping You Shop: When you get ready to propose to your partner you’re going to find that the whole process is much more stressful and difficult than you anticipated. Take buying the ring for instance: few people consider beforehand just how much they’re going to be spending or how shell-shocked they’re going to feel afterwards as a result. You need moral support during this ordeal – trust me – and taking a best man on the trip with you is the best way to get that.

Likewise best men can act as a sounding board on many other topics too. When you shop for suits for instance they can give you advice and help you choose something flattering that the ushers will like too. They may also know people you can use as photographers or whose classic car you could borrow, so take them along shopping with you and generally use them as a place to vent frustrations and express concerns.

Keeping an Eye Open: During the wedding you’re going to be focussed on your partner, but you’ll also find yourself worrying about people getting left on their own, about people not getting on, and about people feeling you’re not paying them enough attention.

That then is another of the jobs that you can give to your best man in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. They and the ushers will be given the job of helping everyone to their seats and of greeting everyone at the door, but after they’ve done this you can also ask them to keep an eye open to make sure that everything goes smoothly. If they see an argument they can step in to make sure everyone cools down, and if they notice someone standing on their own looking bored they can go over and say hello. Knowing that you have people in the crowd to do this can be a great relief – and if you notice anyone who needs attention yourself then you can send one of your agents rather than having to go and deal with it yourself.

Buffer: Another use for your best man is as a buffer to try and prevent issues and stresses from reaching you. Instruct everyone in attendance that if they have a problem, they should approach your best man or one of the ushers first. That way you will be given less to worry about, but no one will feel as though they’re being ignored. This applies to catering, accommodation and anything else that you don’t necessarily need to handle yourself.

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