2013 was an exciting year for Event Checklist and to that we would like to extend a big thank you to all of you. There are a lot of things we should be thankful and first on our list is you. Thank you for the trust and continuous support.

Sure it was a bumpy 2013 ride not just for Event Checklist but as well as for me (Arwin).

A lot of things happen with me this year but despite all the ups and downs of 2013, I think I just grew stronger and learned a lot from it. As a whole what all I can say is “Thank You, I Was Able to Survive 2013” and I am sure you are too.

Before we end this year with a BANG!, I would like to share to you 10 of Event Checklist Best of 2013. Probably some of you might miss these blog posts so before we totally miss them out let’s take a look back Event Checklist Best of 2013.

Best of 2013

10. How to Brief an Events Photographer to Get the Shots that you Need

9. 5 Invitation Tips That Will Boost Attendance

8. Make a Good First Impression – Top 10 Meet and Greet Acts for Corporate Events

7. Getting Event Ready: 5 of the Best Apps for Event Organisers

6. The Ultimate Checklist for Party Planners

5. Best Practices to Use Pinterest to Promote Events

4. Promoting Events with Instagram

3. Top Six Event Planning Tools

2. Sponsorship Proposal Template Free Download

1. Free Event Checklist Template Download

That ends Event Checklist Best of 2013.

To all our avid readers and visitors, thank you so much. 2014 would be another exciting year and one thing would be certain this coming year. – Expect us to keep on sharing.

2014 here we come!

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Photo Credit: Leland Francisco