If there’s one thing worth spending money at your wedding, it’s good quality evening entertainment. A terrible band or a cheesy DJ will send people reaching for the taxi numbers far too soon – if you want people to stick around and enjoy themselves then you need to factor a decent amount in to your wedding budget to pay for a quality act. The night after the wedding day is the time that everybody gets to let their hair down and rest. It’s also the time that you and your new husband finally get a chance to breathe and stop stressing – so it’s really worth making sure that it’s an enjoyable time for everyone involved. In this article we are going to tell you how to find the best entertainment for your evening do.

Book Early

Booking Evening Wedding Entertainment

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It’s important to remember that any decent band or DJ worth their salt will be booked up very far in advance, so as soon as you know the date of the wedding you should start getting on to the bands you like to see if they are free. They may ask for a deposit to secure the booking – this is normal – but make sure you get the agreement in writing so that you know it’s in the bag. As for finding the right band – it’s best to choose a quality covers band that plays all of your favorites. You may be really into a local band that plays originals but you will probably find that it leaves the other guests cold. Covers are a much safer bet, so choose a band that is really experienced in entertaining at weddings.

Choosing a DJ

Choosing a DJ is a tricky job so it’s best to get somebody on recommendation from a friend. Picking a DJ out of the local directory is a bit of a lottery, and you could end up with someone that is really shocking. Ask the DJ for a sample of their set list so that you know what sort of music to expect – or you could even consider giving them your playlist so that you know that the music will be to your taste. Make sure the DJ comes with his own speakers and that they are great quality – a DJ with dodgy equipment is a bit of a car crash waiting to happen.

Look After Them

Make sure the band and/or DJ is well looked after at the wedding. Factor them into the catering arrangements and make sure that they have plenty to drink while they are playing. If your wedding is to be held outside then make sure you have a temporary shelter or canopy for them to play under with sides attached just in case it rains – they will refuse to play if there is any chance of their instruments or equipment getting wet, and rightly so. Don’t forget to pay them in cash – it makes life a lot easier for them when it comes to dividing the money up.

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