Event Planning Blueprint

If you find yourself in the position as an event manager and feel as though you don’t have the best reputation, you are not alone. Everyone worries that they’re not doing well enough, and it’s natural to always want to do better. After all, the better reputation you have, the more customers are going to flock towards you. Here are some of the best ways to look better.

Be Respectful

This means, think about other people in a professional atmosphere. If someone on your team has an idea that is great and you want to use it, thank them for it and make sure they get the credit. If you step on other people and take credit for things that you didn’t earn, your team will turn against you and you’ll be known as a manager who doesn’t have the support for their team, and with that situation, your business may suffer. Customers may feel the disconnection atmosphere within your team and may be hesitant to use your services again. A big part of being successful and earning an honest good reputation is by having a good working relationship and an environment where you and your coworkers work hand in hand.

Building Reputation

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Don’t be Selfish

If one of your team members is asking you for help in a certain task, don’t hesitate to give them a hand.

Perhaps a portable truck dock could make it easier for someone to unload all their materials for a tradeshow, for example. Lending it to someone could easily gain you future favors. You have to consider the other people working for you and remember that their success is your success too. They want to advance and be thought about the same as you did when you were in their position, so do just that! On that same note, if someone makes a mistake, don’t chew them out and throw them under the bus, forgive them and make sure they know that they’re still a valued part of the team. If they know they can come to you for help, advice, and an opportunity to succeed, they’ll work better with you and your reputation as a good event manager will benefit simply by being a good person.

Be Confident

Remember, you earned this job! You worked hard for it and you deserve the position. So, act the part. Dress nicely and make sure you look fit for the position you are working in. On that same note, don’t over do it. Dress appropriately, but don’t have a meltdown if one of the buttons on your blouse is a little loose, or there’s a tiny coffee stain on the inside of the sleeve. No one is going to notice. Dressing nicely will also boost your mood. It gives you confidence, which will spill over to your coworkers and make you a more effective manager.

You are where you should be in your job field, so dress the part and remember to treat others the way you want to be treated. These are simple rules that will make you the best event manager out there, an event manager with an unmatchable reputation in the professional world.

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