Handling security for an event is one of the most challenging tasks any organiser must face. Keeping the people in the venue safe from mishaps and keeping undesirable elements out of the event are difficult and sometimes dangerous jobs which must be undertaken with complete professionalism.

One way of taking much of the stress out of security is to hire a reputable security firm to handle door staffing and other similar work. While using friends or family might seem a cheap option that would work, it can go badly wrong. Security workers need to be properly trained in conflict resolution and in safe methods of defusing tension and dealing with any violence which occurs. I have here listed your event security checklist you should consider.

Health and Safety

There are sometimes complex questions of insurance and health and safety to consider. It is always best to use accredited companies with properly trained staff who can handle these tasks with a measure of competence that the general public would find difficult to match. Security situations require confident handling that only comes with proper training.

If you have a good security team in place, treating the audience at the event with courtesy and friendliness and monitoring the situation, then you need to turn your attention to how to keep undesirable people out of the event. Providing some kind of marking to customers is often a good way of easily establishing who is meant to be in the venue and who is not.

Coloured Wristbands

Wristbands are a great way of making sure that the right people are allowed into a venue. If event staff exchange tickets for entry for wristbands on arrival and ensure that the wristband is in place on the customer, then checking as to someone’s eligibility for entry is not difficult. It is certainly easier to manage than stamping customers’ hands with indelible ink, which can run into practical difficulties at times.

Using wristbands is also an easily managed way of establishing levels of access to backstage or VIP areas too. Wristbands can be colour coded, allowing for easy and quick recognition of appropriate locations by staff. In situations where disputes can easily blow up into something more serious, this kind of simplicity is invaluable.

Planning and Preparation

Event security needs to be well organised and calmly and efficiently handled by fully trained staff at the event. It is always wise to remember that, as with anything, preparation and planning will help to minimise the risks. The more that you have considered what could go wrong and made contingency plans for, the more likely it is the event will run smoothly.

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