Raising money for charity is always rewarding, but the feeling is even better when you’ve raised the money through an event that you’ve organised yourself. Organising an event might sound like a huge undertaking, but it’s actually not that hard. Here’s what you should do.

What Kind of Event You Want to Throw?

The great thing about organising your own charity event is that you can be as creative as you like. You can base the event on things that you enjoy doing. If you love to cook, you could throw a dinner party and have people give a donation in return for the meal. If you love music, you could organise some local bands to play a charity concert. You could hold a summer barbeque and assault course in the local park, and ask people to get a sponsor or you could have a bake sale in your office.

Charity Event

Once you’ve decided what kind of event you’re going to put on, you can start finding out what needs to be organised. If it’s an office based event you should ask your managing director for permission, for example. If it’s in the local park you may need to call the council.

Get in Touch with The Charity of Your Choice

Letting the charity that you’re supporting know about your idea is a great way to get free publicity. They’re likely to mention your event on their website and social media, can send you promotional material to use during your event, and may even offer you some great tips and advice.

For example, Oxjam is a massive music festival run by Oxfam and anybody can take part by organising their own event. You can register with Oxfam to show that you’re interested in taking part, and in return the charity will give you plenty of support and training. It’s good to have someone to help you, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever organised an event.

Get Some Other Volunteers on Board

Speaking of which, help can come in many guises. Even if your friends and family have never organised an event before, it’s worth seeing if they’ll volunteer some time to helping your cause. It will take a massive weight off your shoulders if you have someone else to make phone calls, answer emails, or help to set up the event on the big day. No matter how small your event’s going to be, it will always be much sweeter if you have someone to share in the organisation.

Set up a Just Giving Page

People are going to need a way to donate to the charity, and one of the most hassle free ways of doing that is via Just Giving. You can set up a fundraising page which will send the money through directly to the charity. Your friends can then pledge money online via card or PayPal, so the old excuse of not having any cash doesn’t work, and all of the funds can go straight to the charity at the click of a button.

Are you planning a charity event? Why not share some of your tips?

Photo Credit: JD Hancock