Event Planning Blueprint

Event planning is hard work.

With so many different areas that constantly need your attention, it’s not hard to see why there is such high demand for high quality professionals of the industry – it’s simply a job that few people are cut out for. It requires exceptional multitasking skills, as well as great communication with dozens of staff members and being able to make crucial decisions in split-seconds.

Therefore even the very best in the business aren’t immune to the occasional blunder – something is bound to go wrong during the event planning process, and all you can do is try to make sure you cover all the essentials.

So for those that want to be at least somewhat prepared for potential event disasters, here are the most important things to avoid:

Common Event Planning Mistakes

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Take Enough Time for Preparation

Preparation is key to almost any endeavor one might take part in, but the important of it in event planning can’t be emphasized enough – getting a head start and having the time to properly think of all the different aspects in a particular event is more than half of the work in ensuring the events’ eventual success.

And it’s not just about time, either – no matter how early the preparations start, if the planning process is not thorough and comprehensive, the results can still be very questionable, when crucial missed details are exposed at the worst possible time.

The very start of each project should involve a very thorough discussion with the client about his events’ needs and requirements, along with suggestions from the event planner on how this might be achieved, and what might be improved with a few changes. Only the execution of the combined vision of the client and the event manager can ensure that the end result makes everyone happy.

Carefully Inspect Venue For Flaws

One of the more difficult tasks is finding the perfect venue for an event – even for those who have been in the business for decades, each project still has individual needs that can’t all be easily met.

Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t viable solutions – compromises are a natural part of the event planning process, but they have to be made in the right areas. Therefore having a list of things that are absolutely essential will make any event planners’ life a lot easier – venues that don’t fit the criteria can be excluded, while the few that remain can be compared with more scrutiny.

Finally, even when the venue seems great on paper, there’s still the possibility of it having hidden flaws that will come out at the worst possible time. If you’re booking a venue in a place that can fit more than one event at a time, it might be smart to figure out who will your neighbors be, otherwise you might be in for an unpleasant, noisy surprise.

Do Proper Risk Assessment

Once the event starts taking shape and the pieces are seemingly falling into place, it’s time to sit down and do a proper risk assessment to determine what are the areas of the event that pose the most risk of causing problems.
Can your venue be functional in bad weather? If not, you better have a backup plan. You should also always keep a contact list of emergency suppliers in case one of your original choices would let you down, and think of ways to quickly change the structure of the event if something were to fall through.


Event planning business is stressful enough as it is – the sheer volume of things to take care of can make even the best of pro’s feel overwhelmed.

Therefore if one wants to have any change to survive in the industry, the one most important word is preparation. Taking enough time initially to figure out what the event should be about and finding the right venue is a big part of the job. But then, ensuring that even if something does go wrong the event doesn’t fall part, is just as important.

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