Venues are integral to a successful event. Location, size and cost will be key factors when deciding on the right conference venue. However there are other aspects to consider to ensure you choose the right conference venue for your needs. Here are some tips for ensuring you choose the right conference venue for your goals.

Firstly it’s important to establish the aim of the conference. Is the conference to motivate, inform or reward staff, as this will decide the theme of the event. The conference venue you choose will create a lasting image, so it’s important the venue coincides with your desired corporate image. Visit the venue in person before you decide on a facility. What impression do you get when you first walk into the room? If you want delegates to feel relaxed then a more informal setting may be ideal. If the conference is to inform staff, you may need a corporate meeting facility with technology to aid the conference.

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Consider the venue size and ensure that it’s adequate for the amount you’ll need to host for. Ensure there is the right seating capacity and that there is enough room, the last thing you want is for the stragglers who turn up after everyone else standing at the back. Cramped and dark spaces will instantly make everyone feel uncomfortable and want to leave. Similarly if your delegates are commuting to the conference it’s worth checking out whether there are enough car parking spaces.

Check whether the conference has the facilities you require. Do you need projection screens, wheelchair access, catering, a stage? Will you require a drinks reception, a cloakroom attendant, somewhere that attendees can sign in? If you like a certain facility but it doesn’t have everything you need, then speak with the venue manager and discuss whether they’re able to adapt their facilities. They will be happy to cater for your requirements if it means choosing their venue.

Decide on a location which will be convenient and accessible to all delegates. If you’re considering a central city location, consider universities in the area as they provide a range of lecture halls as conference venues. Getting the location right is vital as essentially you want your staff to be able to attend.

Decide on a date that doesn’t coincide with a major sporting event or holiday period as more people are more likely to attend otherwise. Establish the length of time you’ll need as this will determine if you need to book a full day or half a day. Don’t try and cram everything into a couple of hours so it’s cheaper but likewise attention spans will start to diminish if the conference is too long.

Consider how much you want to spend and establish a budget. You may find that using specialist conference finders are useful as they have deals with some of the conference venues and get you a discount. Finding the right venue can be time consuming and you may not want to dedicate that much time to it. Think about using a specialist venue finding agency to assist you. They will have previously used certain venues and can advise you on whether the venue is right for your goals and objectives. They will provide you with a comprehensive range of venues dependent on size, location and your other finer intricate needs. As they are specialists, you can leave it up to them to source your venue once you’ve considered some of the above points.

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