So you’re thinking about your next corporate event and all of these wonderful ideas are popping into your head – your perfect venue, the right date for it to fall on and the entertainment act that’s going to blow your guests’ minds. But what’s this? Your budget isn’t as big as you’d hoped? Ack!

What are you going to do about it? The entertainment you’re thinking of booking is crumbling under the weight of financial pressures and you don’t know how to prop it all back up. What do you need?

You need to save money from somewhere without compromising your event so with that in mind – here are a couple tips on how to save money on your corporate entertainment.

Corporate Entertainment Tips

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Explore Your Act’s Versatility

So let’s say you’re thinking classical music as the theme for your event and you’ve thought of hiring an orchestra and background pianist to create an effortlessly classy atmosphere. How many musicians do you book? 2? 6? 22?

In this case it’s prudent to remember that many musicians are skilled in more than one instrument, and so a member of four-piece string section you’re thinking of putting on after dinner may be able to perform on the piano as background music during your guests’ arrival. Of course it would be an extra set cost, but it will generally work out cheaper than hiring a separate act.

Make That Schedule Efficient

Acts will generally charge a flat fee for their performance which can be around 2 or 3 x 45 minute sets so changing performance times won’t help lower those costs too much.

However, what can help to cut costs is making your scheduling as efficient as possible – avoiding long sound check times and getting your act in and out of the venue with no hassle. It’s also important to note that acts may charge more for performances after midnight, so keep that in mind when planning your event.

See What Equipment Your Venue Has

Yes, some acts do have their own sound equipment but that isn’t the case for all – it could be expected that your entertainment act will charge extra for hiring a PA system, microphones and amplifiers etcetera.

See what your venue has on hand to help out with the production by getting in touch with them as quickly as possible. Doing so will ease negotiation and might help to lower an act’s fee if they don’t have to haul or hire heavy sound equipment.

Be Flexible With Who You Hire

Whilst you might have the perfect act in mind – it’s important to not get too attached to hiring them specifically.

Within all genres of corporate entertainment, there are big names and there are up-and-comers. Look at your budget and explore your options with an entertainment supplier who knows the importance of what will work for your event.

Taking any or all of these tips in mind will hopefully save you, and your employer money when it comes to putting on the best event you can. Of course, entertainment isn’t the only thing you should look to save money on but as a poster on Event Manager Blog once said – if you’re in the events business, you’re in the entertainment business. –

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