Corporate Events are special activities that were been part of the corporate world so that the industry could plan and develop their corporate goals that they wanted to achieve.

Organising a corporate event is challenging it consumes a lot of time, dedication and effort. Because of its importance in the corporate world this event should be plan carefully.

As an event planner we wanted to have our events to be perfect but I think there was no easy way for us to establish a perfect event. Mistakes were inevitable in the process but I strongly believe that there are a lot of ways we could do to prevent and avoid these imperfections in the process.

Because of these I would like to share to you some the things that you should remember while organizing a corporate event.

Corporate Events Mistakes
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Mistake No. 1: Unable To Check Calendar Dates

One of the important things to remember during organizing a corporate event is to be familiar with the dates. You should give this task a focus so that you could prevent yourself from overlapping with some of the important events for the month. To avoid these it is best to have all possible upcoming events with your targeted month before you decide on when your event is supposed to be scheduled.

Mistake No. 2: Make a Venue Reservation Far From Usual

Having a corporate event venue different from the usual is a good way as it can make your visitors feel more refresh. Although this was a good idea it is best to pay a visit first before making any reservation for the venue to make sure that the location is convenient for everyone. Remember, your Event Location is important for you visitors convenience.

Mistake No. 3: Failing to Promote Your Event

Corporate Event Promotion is about proper communication distribution. An event couldn’t be an event if you were unable to let people attend it. Ideally it is important to have your prospect visitors to be informed ahead of time so that they could be ready and prepared for the event.

Mistake No. 4: Concrete Plan

Planning is an important part of event organizing. You should devote time making a concrete plan on how you wanted your event to be. Set meetings with people assigned for the event and let them be involved by asking their opinions and recommendations. It is also best to make a checklist so that you could track your event progress.

Mistake No. 5: Allowing People To Do Their Job

It does not necessarily means that when you hire someone to do the planning and organizing you are now out of the picture. Your presence is very important that you shouldn’t leave everything with them. It is a best practice to spend time to check their work once in a while to make sure that they are doing their task according to what you wanted to achieve.

Mistake No. 6: No Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan is another aspect of the process that involves creative planning. In reality, there is high probability that Plan A might not work as plan that is why it is important to have a backup plan prepared. This will help you avoid and prevent on the spot adjustment along the way. This does not necessarily mean that the planning part is useless but what we wanted to avoid here are the inconvenience in the process.