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Winston Churchill once said, “One does not leave a convivial party before closing time.” Part of having a great party is selecting a creative theme. A theme can make party planning easier, because it dictates the décor and food. It can also make the event more memorable for your guests, and they’ll be talking about it long after they’ve gone home. If you don’t think you’re a creative person, don’t worry. We’ve picked out three creative themes for a great party.

A Parisian Soiree

Creative Theme Ideas

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The City of Love lends itself well to party themes. It’s also a broad enough theme that you have a great deal of creative freedom. Start with a colour scheme. Parisians are chic, so black and white is always a safe choice. You could also hang some French flags to add a pop of colour. A model of the Eiffel Tower, Paris’ best known landmark, would make a great centrepiece for the table. You could make a few colour copies of pages from Ludwig Bemelmans’ classic “Madeline” books, set in Paris, and hang them up around the room.

When it comes to food, no one does pastries like the French. Croissants are easy to buy at your local bakery. You could add some tasty French touches like éclairs or macarons. A loaf of crusty French bread paired with delicious cheeses such as Camembert or Brie would be a welcome addition. And, don’t forget wine! There are some affordable yet delightful French wines available at your local liquor store.

Bond, James Bond

Creative Theme Ideas

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The iconic James Bond film franchise turned 50 in 2012. However, it’s still just as beloved as ever. There have been 23 films to date featuring the suave secret agent. You could focus on a single movie as your theme, or take elements from individual films and incorporate them into your party.

The colour gold is strongly associated with the Bond series, and features in titles like “Gold Finger” and “Golden Eye.” Pair it with black and red for a bold, sophisticated look. You can also hang up movie posters from the series. With 23 films in the franchise, you have a wealth of background music from various soundtracks to choose from.

Bond doesn’t do a lot of eating in his movies, but there’s lots of room for creativity here. You could serve a variety of foods from the countries in which the films are set. 007 has traveled almost all over the world, so you could serve blinis with smoked salmon and cream cheese, dumplings stuffed with meat and vegetables, or classic British pub fare such as fish and chips. Of course, don’t forget the secret agent’s signature drink: a martini, shaken, not stirred.

A Literary Celebration

Creative Theme Ideas

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This theme will appeal to bibliophiles. This is another broad theme that gives you a lot of creative freedom. You could pick a specific title and base your party on that. Or, you could take elements from famous party scenes in books and bring them to life in your own event.

Rich, jewel tone colours would work well for this theme, as many hardbacks are covered in dark fabrics underneath their book jackets. You could also make colour photocopies of book jackets and hang them up as posters or use them as centrepieces on tables. If you’re the crafty type, cut pages out of worn-out books for unique decorations.

Selecting the menu choices is also a chance to work your creative muscles. You can serve a variety of foods from your favourite works of literature. If you’re not sure what to pick, find books with food in the title, such as “Like Water for Chocolate” or “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café.”

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