Dinner parties can be a great way to enjoy a night and keep in touch with friends, particularly when the allure of yet another night in the pub or a night screaming over loud music in town starts to fade! Although they are becoming more popular with younger crowds, dinner party entertainment is seen to be a step toward a more sophisticated, mature social life with friends new or old.

But what makes a great dinner party? And what makes a great host? If you and your friends often take turns in throwing such parties, it is only natural that you would want yours to outshine the others. Nobody wants to be the one who throws a dull party. With that in mind, here are a few simple tips to help your next party go smoothly and to give your guests a great time:

While it is always tempting to throw the party of YOUR dreams, that doesn’t always translate to the party of THEIR dreams. Introducing people to new things that you feel they would enjoy is always good but try not to be too selfish about things. Consider the dietary restrictions of your guests and try to incorporate a flexible menu in which everyone can find something to enjoy. While this may make sticking to a particular theme a bit more tasking, it might also help you think outside the box in regards to new alternatives.

Dinner Party

Remember that throwing a party for a lot of people can also be hard work. A helper of some kind is always a good idea as this allows you to manage your many tasks as well as be an effective host. Ideally you want to be out front with your guests rather than slaving away in the kitchen all night. Co-hosting with a friend or partner can be great fun and does help to relieve some of the expectation or stress involved.

When it comes to dinner party entertainment, there are many ways to go. Depending on budgets, you could stick with tried and tested party favorites such as drinking games, quizzes or even karaoke, or take a fresh approach. There are many professionals who specialize in dinner party entertainment who can entertain your guests with unique and memorable skills. These could include dancing, comedy, magic, mediums and crafts – all guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and give your guests something they wouldn’t necessarily see on a standard night out. However remember to consider your audience and to keep things tasteful, audience participation is always an effective way of passing the time and making people feel involved but you never want to put your guests in an uncomfortable position.

Your choice of entertainment may well be the centerpiece of your night but often the secret of a good dinner party is in the smaller details. Small decorative touches work wonders in drawing people’s attention, they can spark conversation and constantly give people things to look at – particularly as people arrive and conversational flow has yet to develop. Creating a unique ambiance can be achieved using candles or unique lights and other touches such as place settings and table decorations can add to the experience for a minimal cost. If you’re throwing a themed dinner party then decorating the walls with pictures, throws and other novelty items can also really help ‘transport’ people as soon as they walk through the door and get them in the mood for something different.

Hopefully these guidelines can help inspire you. Just remember to do things to a tasteful degree and consider the thoughts and needs of your guests at all times. After all, your party will be defined by their lasting experience.

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