The cold early morning lecture, where the professor speaks and the kiddos sleep, only waiting for the dreadfully boring hour to get over: if your events are merely a déjà vu of this situation, read on to find out how you transform the drowsy lecture into a lively activity hour for your kids… err, participants!

Feed the Hungry Kids

Hungry children will not listen however interesting or useful you make the lecture. So feed their tummies before you expect any active participation from them. Frequent breaks for tea and meals work well to keep concentration alive. Besides, they also give participants a chance to interact with their fellow participants and do some networking, which is a major motivator for people to attend events. In addition to the eating breaks, ensure that there is plenty of coffee and crunchy snacks available right there in the hall to keep the evil spells of sleepiness away.

And Feed Them with Some Sumptuous Food

Whether you like it or not, even the most serious of conferences get ranked on the quality of food they serve. Great food can enhance the appeal of your event even if it is an otherwise average event; while badly cooked and lousily served food can downgrade an awesome event to a considerable degree.

Drowsy Classroom Lecture

Book a caterer who is well appreciated in the city where you are hosting your event; and, do assign a good part of the budget to food and drink for making the event more enjoyable. After all, unsuspecting students need the incentive of a delightful candy to participate more enthusiastically during the time of action.

Bring in Interactivity, Acknowledgement, Praises and Gratitude

When children begin to lose interest in a lesson, the wise teacher encourages interactivity by putting up a simple question subsequently followed by a word of praise. This is one of the best wake up tactics used by teachers worldwide. Likewise, you too can achieve better participation by encouraging interaction and offering acknowledgement.

Most importantly, do remember to profusely thank the sponsors for their support! Expressing gratitude publicly is an essential step to keeping your sponsors feeling appreciated.

Give Them Information that Makes Them Appear Cooler!

When boring technical details begin to fill the room, the web of a contagious sleep follows closely. You cannot completely avoid some boring detailed talks during an event, but do try to make them more digestible by interspersing them with snippets of content that your participants may enjoy telling their friends and colleagues. For example, a fun fact relevant to the subject you are discussing will work to lighten the atmosphere and will also give people an interesting piece of information to remember and share with others afterwards.

Use Smartphones Smartly

Smartphones are the weapon people use to drive boredom away; they may become really distracting during events particularly in the middle of speeches and talks. Unfortunately, you cannot confiscate the smartphones of some distracted adults as you would from kids in a lecture hall – so the next best or maybe an even better solution is to let the attendees use their smartphones to make their experience at your event more interactive.

Create an online event management app that features schedules, planners, relevant content, information about speakers, and of course some fun facts to keep the users engaged. So now, the next time you see your guests staring down at their phones, there is a fair chance they are only doing so to acquaint themselves with the event.

Bottom Line

A successful event is one where all the participants not only have a nice time but also take back with them some priceless knowledge. To amalgamate the two ingredients is a challenge that only the best event organizers can overcome. We hope the above mentioned ideas help you successfully get there. Wishing you good luck in making all your future events engrossing, entertaining, informative, and yeah, delicious!

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