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Buying an engagement ring is an exciting time and a mark of even more exciting things to come. It’s a great opportunity to show your love for your partner, and to make them feel special and it’s a great way to feel like the manly provider in the relationship.

But unfortunately, buying a wedding ring is also an incredibly stressful process and rather terrifying. You’ll be spending more money than you possibly ever have done before on an item that you’re not certain your partner will like. On top of that, you’ll be needing to keep it all secret which means snooping around behind your partner’s back, and you’ll need to try and understand a whole range of different terms in order to pick the right rock.

I’m not trying to scare you here, just ensure that you know what to expect so that you can avoid any serious mistakes. Read on and I’ll share some important tips that can help you to avoid mistakes/any unnecessary mistakes to help you put your mind at ease again…

Engagement Ring

Remember Insurance!

Here’s something that many hopefully groom’s-to-be forget: the insurance. You will head into the jewellery store with a budget in mind, but that budget won’t include the insurance you’ll end up paying – which will cost more the more you spend on the ring.

Note that you’ll be shelling out for insurance then, but likewise don’t be tempted when you’re offered it by the jewellery store – you can probably get much cheaper insurance online, with the option to pay monthly which will be much kinder on your cash-flow.

Get the Ring Size

Another thing that’s easy to overlook is the fact that you will need your partner’s ring size. Of course you can still give her a ring that doesn’t fit, but that can kind of ruin the magic a little when you’re struggling to force it on or to yank it off. A good way to surreptitiously get the ring size is to steel an item of jewellery from your partner’s jewellery box and get that measured at the jewellers.

Platinum, Gold or Silver?

The diamond isn’t the only thing adding to the price and the overall look of the diamond. Another important consideration is the material of the wedding ring band itself. Whether you choose gold (or white gold), silver or platinum will impact on the price, on the look and also on how well the ring sits with other jewellery. Bear in mind that if you buy a platinum engagement ring that you’ll also have to buy a platinum wedding ring – otherwise the engagement ring can damage the wedding ring.


Another thing to think about with regards to the actual ring itself, is how practical the shape will be. If the ring is very wide then this can end up making it difficult to fit a wedding ring on as well – which can also be a problem with certain exotic shapes and designed. Think too about how tall the ring is – you don’t want the diamond to catch on everything!

It’s Not Just About Size

Before you know much about diamond engagement rings you will probably head out to the shops expecting that the aim is to find the biggest diamond out there. This won’t necessarily be the best diamond however as size (carat) is only one of the four factors you need to consider. The others are ‘cut’, ‘colour’ and ‘clarity’. The apparent size of the diamond will be affected a lot by the way it is set in the ring, as well as by the way it is cut. That means that a small diamond can end up looking quite large and vice versa.

What’s more important then is that the diamond be bright and eye-catching. And to accomplish that you need to think about the cut and the colour in particular. A yellowish stone with an old cut can look quite ‘dull’ whereas a brilliant cut diamond that’s nearly completely clear will be much more impressive.

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Nicola Joseph, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for Diamonds On Web, renowned suppliers of diamond earrings and rings. She takes keen interest in jewellery designing and enjoys undertaking DIY projects in her spare time. You can get in touch with Nicola via Twitter @NicolaJoseph.

Photo Credit: Ben Mortimer