As event managers, we all realize the importance of having an engaging event for the sake of all attendees, sponsors and organizers.

Thanks to the explosion of event management tools in the past few years, event managers can now engage with their audience right from the conception stage and add value to the event after the event is executed successfully.

Here are a few select tools to make your event engagement process easier.

Engagement Tools

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Pre-Event Engagement


Evvnt is an online service that submits your event information to over 90 websites in various topics. They save you the time and headache of contacting each site individually and having them publish your event. They also provide reports that enable you to analyze where your events are published and how many clicks were recorded from those sites. is an event discovery platform that also has essential tools to manage your event. Plananza allows event organizers to invite guests, accept payments for conferences with low fees and manage registrations. This allows you to have a single point where you can manage all aspects of your event easily.

E-vite And E-mail Notifications

Aweber, Mail Chimp And ConstantContact

These applications are household names for email campaigns. You can easily upload email addresses of your invitees and send out elegantly designed emails using their built in mail designer. This allows you to keep in touch with the attendees as well as generate a pre-event buzz through announcements and notifications.

Sendy is a self-hosted alternative to the above mentioned applications which uses the Amazon servers to send out emails hence ensuring great deliverability and lower costs.

Event Discovery Platforms

Event discovery platforms allow event managers to reach out to new communities and attendees who might otherwise never know about the event. Here is the bare minimum you should do for your event –

Facebook Events

With in-built features that allow popular content to reach out to the friends of friends, setting up a Facebook event should be one of the first steps to announce your event to the world.


With an active community of event seekers in any topic and a focus on geo location, eventbrite has the potential to publicize your events hyperlocallly.


There are active local communities for pretty much any topic under the sun making it one of the largest networks of local groups. As event managers, you should look to contact the organizers of meetups similar to your event and they might happily send out an alert to their group members.

Live Event Buzz

Let’s face it, it is not possible to take away technology from attendees and ask them to focus on your event. But as event managers, it is possible for us to incentivize activities that will contribute to the social buzz of the event.

Live Twitter Wall

Stream all tweets using your event hashtag on to a massive projector. This not only engages your customers, but also acts as a catalyst for non-attendees to engage with your event.

Media Of The Day

Giving out gifts for the best event photo or other forms of content at the end of the conference incentivizes your attendees to put out their best work. Use hashtags wherever possible to aggregate your content online.

Post Event

Content Organization And Aggregation


If you are not familiar with hashtags, you are missing out on a huge potential to generate buzz and organize your event on social media. EventChecklist has an informative article on how you can choose the right hashtag for your event. You can use an online service like TweetArchivist to put out a report of all conversations around your event hashtags. This will help attendees connect with others and have an archive of all links, media and other information surrounding your event.


Usually events have presentations and many organizers now upload their presentations to their own slideshare accounts. Event organizers who conduct frequent events can look to create an archive of these presentations using appropriate hashtags to organize and aggregate all media in a single space.

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