1) Lords of Lightning

This is a great entertainment option for those corporate events that require wow factor, high impact entertainment, i.e. product launches. The Lords of Lightning Show was created in New Zealand and so far the You Tube video has had nearly 5 million views, thanks to its visual display and unique concept! A dazzling show during which two performers harness the power of four million volts of electricity as they interact and battle with lightning, this act is sure to impress attendees at any high profile corporate event. The Lords of Lightning are the ideal choice for event planners who want plenty of exposure for their event, as well as lots of impressed guests!

2) Water Rocket Show

The Water Rocket Show is a unique concept that combines water propelled jet packs, special effects and plenty of adrenaline to great effect. This is a new generation of corporate entertainment that is not for the faint hearted! A range of show options are available to include amazing stunts, pyrotechnics, lasers and holograms – what more could an event planner want? Even the costumes can be customised to include lights, holograms and videos. The world class Water Rocket stunt performers go under the water, as well as up to 12 metres high in the air, performing a dizzying array of aquatic acrobatics!

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3) Vertical Aerial Performers

Event planners can take their corporate events to dizzying new heights with this truly remarkable aerial show. This act offers a unique twist on the aerial performance, by using buildings as the stage and backdrop! Event planners will amaze and astound guests thanks to the unique skills of this troupe of aerialists who perform beautiful and graceful routines whilst dangling on and over buildings. Options available include vertical fashion shows, vertical ballet acts and vertical sports performances to include corporate branding. This really is entertainment for event planners with high expectations!

4) Video Mapping Dance & Combat Show

The future of corporate entertainment harnesses new technology to great effect. Enter ‘video mapping’ and a whole new world of entertainment possibilities! The video mapping dance and combat show is a truly amazing, visual performance that has been taking the corporate event world by storm. Incorporating the traditional Japanese elements of martial arts, the show also uses state of the art interactive video mapping with breath taking results! This act mixes real time figures and projections that are perfectly choreographed for an unforgettable event experience.

5) The People’s Tower

This unique interactive corporate act will literally bring the house down. Companies are always looking for unique entertainment to inspire and motivate guests, as well as attract plenty of exposure and attention. The People’s Tower requires the participation of attendees to assist artist Olivier Grossetete and his team in creating a giant structure from cardboard boxes, before it is toppled! This interactive art installation has made appearances at high profile events, as well as receiving wide coverage internationally. The structures are designed by the French artist (and are based on local landmarks or buildings) before they are created using cardboard boxes and then pulled down.

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Amy Capron works for global destination entertainment specialists Scarlett Entertainment. For more top entertainment ideas or event industry updates, you can follow her on twitter @amycap_scarlett.

Photo Credit: Merlijn Hoek