How to plan an Event Checklist and Planning an event is a hard work. There are many different facets of party planning that are often overlooked when someone is putting an event together simply because there is so much to be done. The best way to prevent issues when it is time for the party is by making an event checklist. This hard and fast collection of party needs, scheduling and budget can help you to stay on track and have a smooth event.

Whether you have planned several events in the past or are brand new in the world of party planning, with a few simple tips you can have your event going off without a hitch in no time at all.


The most important aspect of planning an event is the budget. This is your tightrope to walk, the number you will need to adhere to no matter what comes up. The best way to start a budget list is by writing your total budget at the top of the page, then make a list of all the party supplies you need. From there, you can do some research into pricing to give yourself a basic estimate of what each item will cost. In the case of budgeting, it is always a good idea to round up on your prices.

If your price list comes up as a larger number than your budget, then you know it’s time to start whittling down the supplies list. Often, it can be something as simple as changing patterned table cloths to a solid color, or choosing paper napkins over fabric ones to stay within your budget and still be satisfied. Another great idea is to take advantage of online coupons and deals from where you can find money saving coupons on everything you need to make your party a success.

Event Checklist For Party

Guest List

Next to your budget, the most important item in your checklist arsenal is your guest list. This is a list that will need to be constantly updated, and is best kept in digital form rather than a physical hard copy. A guest list is always an approximate number, as guests will choose to come, or not to come without speaking to the event planner or anyone else. A good way to protect against the unknown when it comes to your guest list is to pad the number by at least ten. That way you are covered if guests bring more than their plus one, and will always have enough to go around.

Making sure guests have a number to reach you at, or an email address is a good way to keep a finger on the pulse of your guest list. You could even suggest that guests can text you, as some people may feel embarrassed to call and tell you that they will not be attending or have to cancel, while being much more comfortable passing that information on via text message.

Important Numbers

This is one of those absolutely essential items that often gets overlooked in the rush of event planning. Having a list of numbers to reach all of the important parties is key when the day of the event comes around. Florists, caterers and event staff are all important numbers to have at the ready. But also numbers for important guests like the birthday boy or girl, or the man of the hour are good to have on hand as well. Communication is the key to having an event run smoothly.


The best way to keep an event on track is by having an itinerary. Timing is everything. That is why it is so important to have a list of when you can begin setting up in the venue, as well as what time you will need to have the venue cleaned out and ready for the next event. With smaller events such as birthday parties and baby showers, there may not be a need for much more scheduling than dealing with the venue. Larger and more complex affairs like wedding receptions and charity auctions will need to be more closely timed to make sure that everything can be accomplished in the allotted amount of time.

No matter the event, a checklist can help you to keep from falling prey to the stresses of event planning. A solid checklist will help you to stay in touch with those you are working with, stay abreast of changes that need to be made, and to make sure that your event goes as smoothly as possible. Setting aside time to make a thorough checklist will help to save you headaches in the long run, allowing you to enjoy your event as it happens.

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