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It’s true that the most popular way of promoting your career as an Event Coordinator in Social Media is through Linkedin. No doubt, as this is the haven for Professionals who hang out in Social Media. Although you should not just leave hanging yourself on one social media platform. You should be creative and take advantage of every Social Media Networks available. Today we will talk about ways on how you can improve your social media presence and level up yourself.

Develop a Good Communication Skills

Social Media is a powerful tool to enhance your communication skills. It is one of the tools you can use in reaching out to individuals, be it your client, your employer or someone you are close.

It is a tool where we create connections through engagement. It is a place where we discover new individuals.

Event Coordinator Social Meida

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To be able to level up your communication you should learn how to use this Social Media networks to your advantage.

For professionals we usually use Linkedin but it is not always the case that we can easily get in touch with individuals we are looking for in Linkedin so the better way is by trying other social media networks. If you were able to get the name of your prospect through Linkedin the next thing you should do is looking for the individuals other social media profile which is most probably have an account on Twitter or on Facebook.

Be Acquainted with Your Peers

Stay connected with the Industry you belong. Joining Groups is one way of enhancing your connection with people with the same industry as yours. As an Event Coordinator, you should join Groups that are dedicated for Event Coordinator. In this way, you can meet new people and potential partners that are very much interested in the Event Planning industry.

These Social Media Groups will not just be your way of staying in touch with your fellow peers but also you’ll be able to learn something new from them. Groups usually share ideas, tips and help each other.

Share Your Experience

Joining Social Media is not just for the sake of benefiting other people. It is best that you give a piece of your share with the community. Share your knowledge, make contributions that can be used by the Group. If somebody is asking for questions and you have an idea in mind, don’t hesitate to share it. Social Media Network is about building a healthy community relationship.

Be Actively Engaged by Asking Questions

This should be a no-brainer to level up your skills as an individual. To know something new to yourself you should learn how to ask. Some might worry that they may look dumb for asking questions but that’s not true. Asking questions mean that you are trying to deepen your knowledge by getting new information from other individuals. It is also one good way to build a healthy relationship with other individuals in your field.

Learn How to Extend Your Appreciation

One way of making yourself stand out in the Social Media network is through showing your appreciation to other people. Saying Thank you for people that help is a nice way of building connections. This strengthens your individuality and as a professional.

Make Your Name

Establish your authority in your chosen field. Be that individual that when they think about Event Planning, it is your name that comes first in their mind. But keep in mind that people should remember you as someone that is trustworthy and respectable in the field. In this way, you are not just building your personal brand as individual but as well attract potential clients. This may also lead to referrals from people that you might have helped with.

Final Thoughts

Social Media is getting bigger and bigger. There’s a big potential to get clients from it so you better create a name that will stand out. Be responsible using Social Media as this may lead to a positive or negative effect on yourself. There are tons of great opportunities on Social Media so you must make sure that you lead the pack and be that person that they trusted and respected. – EventChecklist.net