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Before we go to Event Coordinators Interview Questions and Answers let us first define what is an Event Coordinator?

Event Coordinators are the one in charge in ensuring every detail of an event is done accordingly. This management includes event planning, arranging a meeting with the clients, looking for vendors, sponsors, caterers, speakers, etc. They are the one responsible for making sure that everything is running smoothly.

It is also the responsibility of an event coordinator to oversee the budgeting part, financial negotiations, team management and also client handling. Event Coordinator as a job calls for a candidate that has the versatility and characteristics of a person that can perform different kinds of task. It is important that you can able to show your skills, the required confidence so that you can be able to answer the questions that will be asked to you during the interview process.

To help you answer your Interview Question, we come up with some common Job Interview Questions and how you should answer them.

Event Coordinators Interview Questions

Event Coordinators Interview Questions

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What are Your Strengths?

What your Interviewee wanted to know when they ask this question is to have an idea about your positive qualities and how these qualities will do in relation as an Event Coordinator.

To answer this question you should make sure you have done your research. What can you contribute to the company? This type of questions is a chance to showcase yourself, what you can contribute and what are your strong qualities that are far better to other applicants.

It is also a good idea if you use examples that can prove your point instead of showing-off a list of characteristics.


I am a Team-Player – I can get along well with other people. I am a type of person that can work with a team and I find myself to achieve things easier when everyone in the team works together and communicates well.

What are the typical responsibilities of an event coordinator?

Probably, this is the first thing you should first keep in mind before you go to your interview. Do your homework, make a research and carefully read the job advertisement, what the responsibility they are looking for and how you can fit for the job.

Event Coordinators are responsible for all aspect of event planning. They are the one who manage the clients needs and turning it into what the client expect. They are also the one responsible for other fields of Event Planning like Budgeting, Team Planning, Vendor Negotiation. And many more.

What Do you know about our company?

Typically, this is always asked by your interviewer and to help you answer the question here are some research checklist that you can do before your interview.

Use the Internet and Search for the Company Website.

Check the Company’s Website About Page so you’ll get to know more about the company, their history, and who are their founders are.

Check their Company Website if there is a Job Page on it. If there’s one, look for the Job Description of the job you are applying for. Read the Job Description carefully and be familiar with the task that was indicated there and see how you and your experience fit for the job.

It is also a good idea to check the Internet’s Job sites. These job sites post Job Description that will help you have an idea of what the company is looking for.

What is Your Expected Salary?

Here is the question that lets your interviewer know about your expectation in terms of salary. Be honest and make sure you make your own research regarding this matter. You can make a search on the internet to have a good idea of what is the average salary for the job. It’s not a good answer the question with “I have no idea” as it will present of having disinterest when the salary bracket they have does not meet your expectation.

Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?

This is only applicable for someone who is not applying for their first job.

These questions let the interviewer know what is the reason you left your old job. Are you fired? Did you resign? Or are you Laid off? Keep in mind that never mention any negative about your old company. It is ideal to answer the question objectively. Answering this in a negative way will only give your interviewer a bad impression of you which we don’t like to happen.

The best answer for this type of questions is:

I am looking for new challenges and with your company I believe I will be able to show my talent’s more.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that Job Interview Questions and Answers should not make you feel scared. Ideally, this is the time to showcase yourself and also remember first impression count so make sure you give your A game on. Happy Job Hunting and Good Luck!