Event Planning Blueprint

Are you a type of person that loves organizing parties and meetings? Are you that one person that immediately volunteer for the job? Then there’s this one job opportunity that fits you. You’ll not just enjoy the job but also get paid for it. What I am talking about is the job that we call as the Event Coordinators or also familiary known as the Event Specialist in the Event Planning Industry.

So what does Event Coordinators particularly do? Event Coordinators are the one in charge of organizing meetings and events. They are the one who plan everything from small occasions, parties, weddings and up to large gatherings like trade shows and expos.

Event Coordinators acts as the brain of every event. They are in charge of everything, from start to end. Usually, Event Coordinators works with a Team that is why it is important to have the qualities of a good leader. It is also the job of the Event Coordinator to be involved in working out like booking for a location, creating budgets, dealing with caterers, hiring AV Teams, looking for keynote speakers and everything that generally needs to make sure that the event you are organizing will run smoothly.

Event Coordinators

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What Are The Key Skills Event Coordinators Should Have?

Good Sense of Communication – It is important to possess this kind of skill as you will need this as Event Coordinators usually, probably most of the time talks with different people. From meeting clients, talking to vendors, suppliers, teammates and many more. The secret key to be a good communicator is to be a good listener, being a good listener allows you to gather more ideas aside from what is in your mind.

The sense of Urgency/Working Under Pressure – In an Event Planning environment, it is normal to undergo difficulties be it on the technical side or things beyond your control. This thing happens that is why it is important that you have this sense of urgency to think of ways on how to deal with this pressures. The secret key here is to always remain calm and always have yourself a backup plan.

Technology Savvy – Gone are the days where Event Coordinators have to do everything manually. In this age of Computers, it is important that you are familiar with the use of different event technologies. There are a ton of online apps out that will help you in scheduling and organizing events. So be sure to use it and be familiar with it. It is also important for Event Coordinators to take advantage of this technology advancement. From looking for suppliers online, closing deals, integrating social media networks to your event etc.

What Makes It Special?

The job is very challenging. A career that will always have a lot of room for improvements, a career that has a great potential for self-growth. A very fulfilling job you will ever have especially today as the need for Event Coordinators/Marketing Planners globally continues to grow and develop.

Share us your thoughts? Do you think Event Coordinator is a good career to look forward to?