This feature will help conserve your company’s hard-earned cash instead of splurging it on meeting decor and transportation.


Many companies want their meetings to sport a magnificent look – something straight out of a movie set. They want to wow the audience and ensure that the meeting becomes the talk of the corporate world.

However, all companies must realize that décor is temporary and though it is okay to spend reasonably on some decor, it does not make sense to throw out good money on props and expensive sets. Here are some cash-saving tips that will help:

  1. Be clever in choosing from different meeting venues. For example, you can host your meeting in a museum – that way the ambiance is already created and the attendees get a feeling of awe in a unique setting without you having to do anything special.
  2. Don’t spend a lot of money on lighting. Basic highlighting of a decorative centerpiece can turn it into elaborate eye-candy that can wow the audience. Even lighting up an already-decorated room makes it look stunning and does away with the need for props.
  3. Colorful fabric draped on walls, with backlights, creates a unique aura in the room. And all meeting planners can easily help you source discounted fabric.
  4. If you need props, go with one large prop instead of many. For example, a “green earth” conference can set up a couple of fake Giant Sequoias (strategically placed and very well lit) in their meeting room, instead of setting up many eco-friendly props all over the place.

Event Decor and Transportation Tips
Photo Credit: Gianfranco Chicco


Many companies overlook transportation costs because these costs form a small percentage of the total. However, transportation is very important and any slip-up in planning for transportation can leave a gaping hole in your pocket. Here are a few “logistical” tips that will help:

  1. Do not hold meetings in peak periods. For example, winters can make for hot meeting destinations in some locations, while summers can be sizzling in other locations. So, plan your meeting in the off-peak periods because transportation (and even hotel rooms) cost more in the peak season.
  2. Go basic on the transportation. Avoid glitzy coach buses and go with barebones stuff on wheels. Rent older coaches that are in good shape – these come cheaper.
  3. Coaches are rented for a minimum of three hours. So, if travelling from the hotel to the meeting venue and back takes one hour, then ferry the attendees to the venue in two loops. If you hire more coaches and shuttle all the attendees in one loop then you will require more coaches and therefore you will end up paying more. Conference venues are anyway located near the hotel and in most cases you can easily plan the transport-related loops.

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