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Fireworks are a fantastic spectacle to end any event. They are loud, colourful and enjoyed by pretty much everyone. To help you get the most from your display, no matter how big or small, we have provided a rundown of things to remember when choosing your pyrotechnics.


The first thing to consider is who will be watching the display? If you are putting on a show for small children it might be best to keep the display short, bright and loud as they have short attention spans. If you are entertaining adults then your display can probably go on a little longer. But remember; the worst thing to do at any event is bore people. Keep displays under 15 minutes (unless people are there specifically for the fireworks) and try to avoid long pauses between each firework. This way your spectators will be suitably impressed, without losing interest.

Event Fireworks

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The first thing to say here is don’t just go for the cheapest fireworks you can find. Fireworks, like most things, are about quality NOT quantity. A short display of top quality fireworks is much better than a long display with cheap, unimpressive ones. A few decent fireworks will create a better spectacle than loads on poor quality ones.

Time of Day/Location

If you live in a built up area it’s probably best not to put on a late night display that lasts an hour. You and your guest might enjoy it but your neighbours certainly won’t. Also be considerate of noise levels. Huge bangs aren’t ideal in residential areas, keep them out of town.

Event Specific

If you’re event is marking a known occasion you may be able to get fireworks designed specifically for the celebration. You can also make your display relevant by using only certain colours such as only red white and blue fireworks for a patriotic holiday.

Actual Fireworks

The following are all tried and tested firework favourites that are sure to get the crow going.

Rockets; they shoot up into the air and go bang whilst producing bright coloured effects. A must have in any display.

Cakes; very popular due to their ease of use. Light one fuse to send up multiple shots. This makes them ideal if you’re the only person executing the display. Fan cakes are great as the tubes are angled which send shots up in different directions, not just straight up. This produces an almost professional standard display.

Fountains; these fireworks produce a steady stream of colour at a low level because they don’t shoot up into the air. They look great, particularly when lined up and lit simultaneously. They are usually quite so great for use in residential/built up areas.

Wheels; Usuallyreferred to as Catherine wheels no display is complete without them. They create a beautiful display of colours. The bigger the better. Mount them high to ensure you get the full effect.

Sparklers/Lanterns; Sparklers and lanterns are great for getting spectators involved in proceedings. Lanterns in particular are a brilliant way of ending a display. Asking people to write a message on their lantern, before they send it up is a nice personal touch.

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