Do you have a passion and ability to conduct events at small and large scale? Are you ready to work for flexible and long hours? If yes, then a career in event management is the perfect option for you. This article focuses on providing more information about the profession, including job prospects, courses, skills required, and much more.

Celebrating various occasions and events has become an intrinsic part of our lives. They cannot simply go untouched as they exist in almost every aspect of human life. For instance, social gathering, corporate parties, engagements, weddings, and birthday celebrations are some of the events that are celebrated by all. It is where the importance of event management comes in to existence. But, what is it all about?

Describing Event Management

It is all about managing and organizing an event or occasion for a particular client. It is one of the most profound ways of marketing and advertising, which is turning to be a thrilling, high rewarding and glamorous profession in India. It involves planning, organizing, executing and budgeting events as per the requirement of the client.

As an event manager you get opportunity to manage several interesting occasions such as musical concerts, fashion shows, weddings, exhibitions, product launches, theme parties and corporate seminars. The future of professionals in the field is bright.

Event Management Profession

Event Management as a Career

In present scenario, whether it is a family or corporate house, every person wants to make their events memorable and well-organized. To conduct such occasions professional event manager are in great demand. It is a multifaceted process, which includes creativity, relationship management, marketing, advertising, and meticulous planning. It has become one of the most exciting and rewarding career options for students. This industry offers an opportunity to unleash one’s creative side of work. It is a career that demands a lot of efforts, hard work and dedication in return of a lucrative job. Corporate houses and other people do not hesitate in shelling out a huge sum of money to make their events grand. This makes the profession even more attractive to young students.

Nature of the Job

A professional in the field is responsible for everything from the start of the event to end. It involves designing the basic framework and flow of the event. Keeping in mind the marketing plans, location of the occasion, sponsors, invitation cards, deciding menu, and even arranging transport for guest can be a part of the job. Finalizing all the aspects of the event is a challenging task. A person can find different job roles while working as an event manager.

These may include:

Marketing and Promotion: It involves promoting any product, service or image of an organization by managing the event at a large scale.

Designing: You may also take up a role of a person who is responsible for designing the layout for costumes or stage for the event.

Public Relation: It involves managing artists, people, clients, and other participants of the occasion.

Institutes and Courses

The career in managing events has become a full-time profession of young professionals in India. However, to start a career in the field, you require proper planning. In order to learn various skills required in the profession, you need to seek a suitable event management course from one of the reputed universities or institutions. Nowadays, several reputed media and management colleges offer MBA programs in Event Management. Some of the elite institutions include:

• National Institute of Event Management, Pune
• Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad
• Punjabi University, Patiala
• EMDI Institute of Media and Communication, Bhopal
• Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

These institutes offer several popular diploma, postgraduate, undergraduate and certificate courses offered in the field. Diploma in event management is a popular course among students in Delhi. The city has several colleges that offer diploma and degree courses on full-time as well as part-time basis. The minimum qualification required to seek admission in UG courses is 10+2, while for PG diploma program is graduation. The final selection is mainly on the basis of a written test followed by a personal interview.

Skills needed to become a Successful Event Manager

What it needs to become a successful event manager? Well, a formal education in the field is mandatory. However, apart from educational qualifications, this field also demands creative skills and a host of other skills. Take a look at them:

o Problem Solving – Critical thinking, analytical skills and problem solving are the need of the job. It is crucial to be able to handle the event and a situation at any stage of the event.
o Ability to Meet Deadlines – Time management is the key to success in the profession.
o Customer Service Skills – The job is done to make the special occasion of your client a success. So, customer service should be your priority.
o Team work – To manage a big event, you may need to work as a team. So, the job demands a good team spirit and creativity to present the event in an interesting manner.
o Planning, Creative and Organizational Skills – It involves the ability to successfully plan and execute the occasion as per the need of the client. Budgeting is an integral part of planning in the job role.

As the entertainment industry in India has started getting more recognition and coverage in international market, it has significantly enhanced the scope of the professionals engaged in the event management. So, get ready to put your best foot forward to make a successful career!

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