Event Planning Blueprint

Apps are being used for numerous purposes. Increasing level of technology has made it possible for the manufacturers and developers to develop apps that can help people to have the best options and opportunities to manage the life routines and activities. For example, there is a range of mobile phone apps that help the users to find the present infections and diseases in the body. Is it amazing? Definitely, it is very amazing because apps are making a significant role in the life of human beings. In this article, we will talk about five most popular apps that can be use for event planning.

What is Event Planning?

Event Mobile Apps

Event planning is a job or activity to manage the functions in available resources. The events are organized for various purposes.There is a big role of technology in the event organization. Some of the most important purposes are given below for the readers.

Events are organized for the political views.
These are organized for the awareness creation.
Events are helpful to show the response.

These are the common purposes of using the events. Nowadays, the technologies are interfering in this activity. We have collected the information about the role of latest technologies for the event organization. Remember the discussion in order to see how latest technologies are making significant role in this field.

Role of Mobile Phone Apps for Event Planning

In fact, the mobile phones are the most important devices being used to organize the events and functions. It is only because of the status of mobile phones which is being used for the social mobilization and movements. As a matter of fact the mobile phones are also being used for the communication among various groups.

The mobile phone apps have made it very easy for the users to plan the events. We have five best examples for the readers who are being crazy to learn about the top five apps to plan the events. It is recommended to focus on the important apps given below.

Super Planner

It is the first very important app that is commonly being used in the modern cell phones for the planning events. Yes, the super planner is a great app that enables the guys to enjoy the event planning tools such as the event planning calculator to calculate the total expenses required for the complete organization of event. The following tasks are easily done or performed by the super planner.

Determining the event venue and its capacity.
Staffing for the events.
Catering for the events.
Event staging.
Event projection.
Planning for the dance floor in the events if needed.


It is the second most important tool or app that is being used for the event planning world. The actual purpose of using Mindnote is to confirm the following tasks.

Making new ideas for the events.
Clearing the event concepts.
Classifying the event tasks and jobs.
Focusing on the important activities in the events.

It seems that Mindnote can be used to gather, categorize, and structure the event ideas. If these tasks are really done by the Mindnote then it is an excellent app for the modern cell phone users who are willing to use the modern apps to plan the events without leaving any space for the mistakes and errors.


As a matter of fact, it is very important to focus on the financial administration and management of the events you are planning for any purpose. The Pageonce is a marvelous app that helps individuals to estimate the total costs required for the event planning and management. You are suggested to use the Pageonce in order to calculate the event costs and expenses.


This app is used for the excellent online promotion of events planned by anyone.

Event Espresso

This app is used for the following tasks:

Attendee management.
Custom post kinds for the events.
Payment gateway.
Custom email manager.
Event categories.
Custom registration of the application forms.
Attendee profiles.
Event registration.
Confirmation emails.

Photo Credit: Johan Larsson