Whether you are planning a charity event, a Christmas party or a big birthday bash, it is important that you understand how to organise an event efficiently.

A person has to be very skilled to be able to organise an event without facing any problems – this is because there is just so much to consider.

To give you a little help when planning your own special event – here are some of the things you will need to think about:

The Agenda

The first thing you will need to ask yourself when organising an event is – ‘What is the event for?’

Is it a surprise birthday party? Are you planning a fundraising event to raise money for a close family member? Or are you celebrating the love of two people through an engagement party?

Professional Development

It is important that you recognise the purpose of the event; from this you will then be able to create an agenda.

You will then need to ask yourself why you are holding the event and what are the event outcomes.

From this you will be able to begin planning the event.

The Budget

The bigger your budget is – the easier you will find it to arrange an event, this is because you will have access to more services.

Even if you have a large budget, it is important that you do not just blow it on one big extravagant service as there are many other little things you will have to consider.

Some things your budget will have to cover include:

Cleaning services
Security and safety services

The entertainment you employ is likely to be the biggest cost you will incur; this is because it is likely to be the main focus of the event.

The Security

Depending on the size of the event you are planning, you may need to employ security/safety services.

If you are expecting a big turn out to the event, then a number of different services may be required. This includes event car parking guidance, admission control or traffic management.

The last thing you want is hundreds of people arriving at your event all at once with no guidance assistance.

Final Checks

So at this point, you should have arranged all the big part of your event, it is now just time to complete your final checks.

You should check that all the invitations have been sent out and responded to. From the responders, you should create a list of the people expected to arrive on the date.

24 hours before the event, you should go to the venue to ensure that everything is going to be prepared on time. If necessary, you should employ extra help to stay at the venue until it is completely ready for the event.

It may be necessary to provide your guests with directions to the venue, if so; you should give them these directions at least 5 days before the event. If there are any special requirements for guests when arriving at the venue, you should also let them know of these details.

Author Bio

John arranged a fundraising event for a local charity. He employed CTM to provide event car parking assistance.

Photo Credit: Ben Heine