Salaries can vary due to a number of factors, and event planning incomes are no different. One of the largest variables that can affect them is geographic location, and this infographic shows just how different compensation can be in certain regions. As you might expect, salaries for event planners in New York and other northeastern states dominate the top end of the list, while the lowest were found in Wisconsin and other north-central and northwestern states. There were also a few outliers: New Mexico, for example, was one of the highest ranked states.

The Numbers Alone Can Be Misleading

$70,000 is a greater amount than $50,000, but the cost of living varies from region to region. $44,000 in Houston may be able to buy more than $59,000 in New York City.

The Median Isn’t The Whole Story

The median is the middle of all incomes, but it doesn’t tell you how widely incomes are distributed. There may be a big jump at the high (or low) end of the scale, or very little variation at all between the lowest and highest salaries in an area.

The Data Encompasses Many Different Jobs

It includes everyone from independent consultants to high-end event planners at international corporations. Determining if your salary is fair requires more specific information.

Were you surprised by the amount that event planners make in a particular area? Do you think salaries have changed much since 2010, and why? How much of a range do you think there is outside of the median?