Event Planning Blueprint

For a great event, you must choose a great planner. Your event will be like a production, so it is important to choose the right event planner. If you have hundreds of images swirling around in your head, but are feeling a little overwhelmed, then an event planner is just the person for you. They will listen closely to your needs, ask the right questions, and confidently produce the most superb and ideal event on your behalf.

Event Planner Expertise

Make a rough plan of the type of event you would like to hold, listing the things you have in mind, such as the venue, entertainment, beverage, food and staff. Also, do you have a theme in mind? All these things will go toward creating the type of atmosphere and impression you wish to project. With this outline, you can now work closely with your event planner who will suggest further ideas and consult thoroughly with you to organise what you have mentally visualised.

Do Some Research

Shop around. Talk to friends and work colleagues, as recommendations are often the best. If your event planner has a website, have a look at that, along with any promotional material they may have. Read the testimonials. If their website is exciting and well organised, the chances are they will be a dynamic and engaging event planner.

Will They Work Closely With You

It is important that your event planner know of any past events you have held and what your goal will be for this event. A good event planner will want to know all these details in depth. If you are holding a personal event, such as a party or wedding, the event planner should know intimate details of likes and dislikes, so the event can be run smoothly with no chance of offending anyone on the occasion of the event. A good event planner will always be honest and trustworthy.


Make sure you set a budget at the outset. Costs can unwittingly blow out of proportion and the money side of an event should be dealt with responsibly. Your event planner will make sure the event is planned within your budget and will make suggestions as to how to creatively change things, if necessary. Event management companies will take all the stress off you in the long run.

Key Concepts

If you are holding a promotional event or product launch, your event planner will ensure your target audience will have fun, whilst staying focused on what you are promoting. However, if you are holding a private function such as a wedding or party, your event planner will have attendees absorbed in the guests of honour.

A great event planner should also be one that you can have fun with. They should be totally professional, but should also show respect for your requirements to ensure a good working rapport is in place between you both. Your event planner will produce such a successful amazing production, that your guests will be talking about it for years to come.

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Hakeem is a business manager from Sydney, Australia. When planning a big event he chooses to work with reputable event management companies such as DNA Event Management. In his spare time Hakeem enjoys his competitive basketball and relaxing activities to help him unwind.

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