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Recently, I blogged about why you should consider Pinterest as part of your event checklist. Today, I would like to share to you when and how to determine the right time for Event Planners to integrate Social Media for their Event Activities.

If you are reading this blog then I am sure that you are familiar how powerful social media was. In today’s time I could say that social media is already part of our daily activity. Obviously, there would be no single day that we don’t check our online accounts and it’s no doubt that Social Media is already part of our life mainstream of daily routine activities from where I am confident to say that there would be no other reason why Social Media won’t be of help promoting Events.

We all know that Social Media is an effective way to engage with people but the real score here is when is the right time? To help you determine the right timing I have here listed some of the things you could check before you go into social media.

Event Planners Guide: Integrate Social Media

Target Audience

Determine your target audience social media engagement. Do they regularly tweet? Are they active on Facebook? Do they blog? Etc. These are just among the questions you could ask yourself to determine your audience activity online. If these were all answered with Yes then you would not going to have any difficulty promoting your events online but just in case the answer is the other way around (which I suspect won’t happen) then all you have to do is introduce social media to them and explain to them the advantages of having one. Extend to them the benefits they will gain if they will be socially active online.


Will it go viral? Yes, why it wouldn’t right? As Event Planner we wanted to make our events go viral and the fastest way is to do it is through Social Media. Viral Success of your social media campaign depends on how it was actively participated online. This could be determined through tweets, likes, views, pinned etc. The more people engaging with your event online the more it goes viral.

Team Support

Before you hop into the social media bandwagon I suggest you to seek for your event team recommendation and thoughts about the activity. The success of your event through social media campaign also depends on the effort that your team will contribute. It is important to meet with them before launching your campaign so that each member will be given specific role during the social media campaign.

Final Thoughts

Social Media is a powerful way of promoting your events and all you have to do is to discover ways of making it successful. There are a lot of social networking sites to participate but you have to remember to carefully choose where to participate. Each Social Networking sites were participated by different types of individuals that is why it is important to carefully classify the targeted network you are going to engage with. The more targeted the network you are with the more chances of having your activity successful.

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