Event Planning Blueprint

I never taught I would become this active engaging and sharing event planning ideas on the web as I first started Event Checklist as a website focused on sharing current and upcoming events around the world. But as time goes by, I felt I have to do something more from that then I came up with the idea of revamping Event Checklist objective and turning the website into a blog focus on sharing Event Planning. I think the development of the blog marks as the start of becoming one of the trusted and go to site of event planners on the web.

EventChecklist.net would not be a success without the help of other bloggers that have show interest of sharing their ideas through submitting their guest post, with that I would like to extend my Thank you to all.

Event Planning is broad field and I believe there is more to that and that the industry will continue to grow and develop. More Event Planners will share their ideas and I am very proud that I was part of it.

Before I start sharing my list, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following event planners that I have included in my list. They are my inspirations and I really appreciate their effort of keeping the event planning industry a lot better.

Event Planners on The Web

I think that’s enough for the introduction and let us start with the list.

Jenise Fryatt

First on my list is Jenise Fryatt. Jenise works as a Social Media Strategist, Blogger, and Content Marketer of smartershift.com. You can get in touch with her through her Twitter account @JeniseFryatt. What I love about Jenise is that she actively participates engaging with other event planners which I find very humble of her.

Liz King

My second one is the New York base Social Media and Event Blogger Liz King. Liz runs the blog lizkingevents.com and you could reach her through her Twitter account @lizkingevents. Liz has tons of Event Planning ideas that you could read through her blog.

Dave Lutz and Jeff Hurt

Third on my list is the duo from velvetchainsaw.com Dave Lutz @VelChain and Jeff Hurt @JeffHurt. What I love about these guys is that they love sharing great stuffs about event industry coming from various sources.

Adrian Segar

Fourth on the list is the US base blogger Adrian Segar. Adrian is the author of Conferences That Work (conferencesthatwork.com). He is one of the guys that I find religiously promoting event planning. You could follow his twitter account at @ASegar. I believe he is one of the first guys that built a community of event planners on Google Plus (eventprofs)

Julius Solaris

Last on my list is none other than the founder and editor of eventmanagerblog.com Julius Solaris @tojulius. I believe he’s one of the pioneers that introduce Event Planning industry on the web as I find him to be very successful in building communities just like when he started Event Planning and Management LinkedIn Group in 2008, to date the community has more than 100,000 members which is no doubt the largest event professionals group on the web. Aside from the community that he have started you could learn new stuffs and event planning development on his blog.

That wraps up my list on who to follow in the event planning industry. I am sure that you won’t regret following these guys as you will surely learn a lot from them. By the way, if you are serious about event planning I also suggest that you visit event-planning.alltop.com. There are tons of event planning blogs listed there.

Until next time. Follow me on Twitter @adrianoarwin.

Photo Credit: plastAnka