As an Event Planner we should have to take consideration of making our Event Checklist Template so that we could be able to track our Event progress and development. This is also important so that we could not forget any details we need to do during our event. For a smooth flow of event activities we have here listed things to be included inside our Event Planning Checklist.

Event Planners Event Planning Checklist

Pre-Event Checklist

Local Government Requirements – It is important to let our Local Government to know about our Event so that we will able to know and ensure that the date and location we have scheduled would have no conflicts with other event activities within our local vicinity.

Budget Plan – This should also be taken in consideration at the beginning of our event planning. This will be use as our basis in monitoring our expenses.

Event Planning Checklist

Event Location – What we have to consider here is the availability of the event venue. It is important to make sure that you have made your venue reservation all clear and set.

Event Activities – This will be your list of all the activities that will be done during the event. This will serve as your event program. Part of this event activity checklist is your invitation with your prospective speakers.

Event Sponsors – This should also be part of your event planning. Sponsorships will help you raise additional funds. For more ideas you could check our post about making your sponsorship proposal.

Marketing and Promotions
– When everything is all set you may start planning about your marketing and promotion strategy. A must remember thing here are your marketing paraphernalia such as flyers, posters and brochures for this things will be important for your event promotion. It is also a good idea to use social media as way of inviting your target guest. You can also hire an event webcasting company to stream your event over the internet.

Other Pre-Event Checklist – Permits and Licenses, Contractors, Risk Managers, Security Plan, Traffic Management, Food Vendors, Volunteers, Staffs, Give-away etc. Please don’t limit your checklist with the list provided, you may add more to make sure your event to be successful.

Event Day Checklist

Event Briefing – Before you start your event it would be best to make a pre-event briefing with all participating personnel. Strictly remind everyone that they should follow what was written in the program to prevent confusion.

Registration Area – This is important to make your event organized as they enter the event activity area. It is also important to make this registration area as your information booth.

Event Coordinators Contact – All Staff and Volunteers should have their Event Coordinator contacts so that they could reach them quickly just in case problems occur.

Chain of Commands – Volunteers and Staff should be well brief on whom to contact first during emergency. A list of assigned personnel to contact on a certain activity within the event should be prepared. Each coordinator should have an assigned individual roles during the event like in-charge in food, in-charge of security, in-charge of the event place etc.

Post-Event Checklist

Make an evaluation about the activity that was done during the event and lastly don’t forget to say Thank You to all people who make the event possible.

Additional tip, it would also be ideal to ask your guest about their feedback regarding the event to see if everything was done according to what was planned and aside from that this will give you additional ideas or necessary adjustments to do for the next event activity you are planning to organized.

Hoped this checklist help you organized your events effectively. If you have any additions to the checklist you may hit our comment box below and share.

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