I am a firm believer that Hashtags are already an online household name, I am sure everyone here is familiar with the term. Even Facebook join the bandwagon of having hashtags all throughout their system, as well as Google Plus and Pinterest. From the list of all social media networks available right this time I bet Linkedin is the only one not yet implementing the said system.

Mainly what we are talking about today is how we are going to pick what hashtag to implement for and how it will benefit our event planning activity. First, ask yourself why? Do I really have to make one?


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With yourself you should try to figure what is the need for a hashtag, would it be for visibility purpose? For promotional? Well aside from trying to figure what your hashtag purpose, you should also need to keep in mind the idea that your hashtag should pull out some conversations with people around the internet.

To come up with a more effective means of using your hashtag I came up with a short list of what you should consider first.


The more unique the better. Pro Tip: Use Twitter Search to see if the hashtag you have in your mind is taken or not. If not then go all the way, if yes it would be better if you skip it out and come up with a new one.

The Shorter The Better

It’s all familiar to all of us that Twitter only allows 140 characters so to fully utilize Hashtag for Twitter it would be best if you go for a shorter one and because having a short hashtag is easy to memorize. Pro Tip: Your hashtags does not to be an exact word it could be a short abbreviation of your event plus the year for much easy search function.


To let your attendee be familiar with your chosen hashtag you should start using your hashtag everytime you start a conversation. Track your hashtag to all your social media networks so you could immediately reply to all queries and establish connections throughout the event.

Pro Tip: Use Buffer to schedule some tweets before hand, this will help you maintain a continuous build up of conversations even you are not actively around.

Hashtag Management

Once everything is set, the next stage would be how you will able to monitor your hashtag. One of the simplest way is to track your hashtag using Twitter search tool. This will help you out see who are talking about your event and who to reach out to.


Basically hashtag main purpose is to create an online community that will take over your event activity. There are a lot of ways to build your online presence but I think without this hashtag it’ll be hard for individuals to identify people who look likely be talking about your event. Hashtags helps you out prevent the clutter and making your event organized online. – EventChecklist.net

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