It does not mean that when you plan for an Event and you taught of cutting down your expenses means your Event is cheap. Sometimes it pays off to be practical when needed and as long as your objective is there then there is no harm planning for a save-up for your event.

I think the right term for this one is that you are just being more practical in a way that you spend less but deliver great.

Here are some valuable tips that I came up to help you save up for your event.

Be Creative

Think about this way, organizing an event is not all about having a great venue. There is no rule that you should have your event in classy places or 5 Star Hotels just to have it successful.

Be practical, it would be ideal if you look for venues that are affordable, venues that have most of the amenities that you would need during your event. To do these, make sure you list down all possible venues and rank them base on their cost and things that they can provide for you. After that, make a review of the list and choose the best. It does not mean that you go for the cheapest one but instead go for the venue that you think will provide you everything you’ll need for the event.

Event Planning Save-Up Tips

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Vendors and Suppliers

After securing your venue make sure that you contact all your vendors and suppliers for the event. With this, you can make sure that everyone is informed and prevent yourself from getting into a last panic situation from where Vendors might charge you extra cost to make their adjustments. Having them informed ahead of the event can prevent these situations to happen.

Go Online

I am sure everyone is familiar with this one. Although the traditional way of inviting attendees through printed invitation is still a good way, going online can save you a lot of printing cost. You may invite people through Email Forms and RSVP from social media sites like Facebook. In this Digital Age, I am sure you can find everyone online so inviting them online is very practical but make sure your list is updated so you won’t miss any of it.

Get Sponsors

This will save you a lot. Invite companies that are looking for exposure and advertising opportunities. Create a proposal for your targeted sponsor and allow them to realize what the benefits they can get from you as the Event sponsor. Sponsors will help you provide some funds that you could use for your event expenses. So, why not get advantage for it? It’s a win-win for both groups.

Speaker Fees

Guest speakers can cost you a lot and to avoid this you must communicate with your prospect speaker as early as possible. Let them know your budget early on and make sure that once the speaker agree let them sign a contract. If things do not go well with negotiating with your prospect speaker then you can still have more time looking for new speakers.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things to do to help you save up more with your event and this are just a few of them. Lastly, I think to be able to save money for this kind of events one should think creatively, make a review of the things you will need, have thorough research, know how to negotiate and be able to make some adjustments during the early stage of the event planning. –

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