Do you have the passion and flair for organising events, or have you been working for someone else as an event organiser and now feel that the time is right to branch out on your own? Ambition is a good thing; the hard part is being able to follow up on the ambition with some business savvy and of course some financial support.  Before you can set your stall up as an event organiser there are some elements that need to be in place before you start.

Experience and Forte

Early success will depend upon just how much event planning experience you have under your belt.  In order to run this kind of business successfully you need to have the following skill set:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Superb time management and organisational skills
  • Good negotiation skills and budgetary controls
  • Professional industry related qualification
  • Imagination, creativity, public relations experience and much more

Event Planning Strategies
Photo Credit: Victor1558

You also need to know what you are good at, if you have experience in only working in the corporate sphere you would be foolish to market yourself as a wedding event planner.

Have a Business Plan

Although you may feel like announcing your new business to the world, it’s best not to start shouting about what you can do until you have your business plan in place.  There are loads of local agencies that can help you with this and handy online guides too so don’t be worried about putting it together.  Your plan needs to give details about your business structure, plans for development, profit margins and basically everything you hope to achieve.

Get Insurance

Event planning is one business that should definitely not be undertaken without appropriate business insurance, as this protects not only your interests but also those of your clients.  Speak to an insurance adviser to find out what kinds of insurance you need to have in place before you start operating your business.  You should think about the following:

  • General Liability insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Home Based Insurance (if working at home)
  • Criminal Insurance

Develop Your Business Network

You are going to be asked to supply everything from telephones to flowers depending on what kind of event planning you will be doing so you need to start building up a network of suppliers and resources.  Do your research, meet and greet and pull a portfolio together.  The importance of networking cannot be underestimated.

There is more to event planning that just being able to throw a great party, as a specialist you need to know how to put events together that meet all of your client’s requirements from conference calling to professional photography to get your business off the ground the right way.