Event Planning Blueprint

It is important to have a perfect event checklist template to be able to have a successful event management. This does not literally mean that you have to come up for a perfect template but instead what you have to be able to achieve is to identify the things that works best and what the company exactly needs.

The Perfect Event Planning Template

In my opinion there is no such thing as perfect template because every event has these different needs and it all depends on what your objective is and what level of event management is required.
To help you identify these differences I have listed a couple of things you could look up and check to make your perfect event planning template.

Event Planning Checklist

Event Planning Checklist is the identification of things you have to consider for your events or for your event management activity. This is considered as one of the big factors in making your event template. This summarizes the things you have to do or list of objectives to be accomplished.

Event Planning Template

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Here’s a good example of event planning checklist from sua.umn.edu. The checklist is divided into three parts the Event Planning Checklist, Budget Planning Worksheet and the Post-Event Evaluation. You may use this as your reference or guide when you start making your event planning checklist.

Event Budget Template

Event Budget Template is considered as the heart and soul of an event activity because of its importance as guide for your expense measurement during and before the activity. Event Budget Templates helps in identifying and forecasting for allotment of allowable expense in a specific part of your event.

Event Budget Template Samples

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

source: office.microsoft.com

Post-Event Evaluation

This is the last part to consider as part your template. This is the part of the template from where it is consider as source of transparency for event organizers, event attendees, service providers etc. I know it involves a lot of work getting feedbacks from these individuals that is why I look for a convenient way of getting this information from them. What I found very useful for these work is with the use of Google Forms. These Google Forms helps you in receiving dozen of feedback and have it graph for presentation with just minimal efforts in your part. For a quick preview of Google Forms, take a look at the video below.

Final Thoughts

Event Planning Template is compose of three important parts. The Checklist, The Budget Template and the Post-Event Evaluation. Have all these three available and I am sure you’ll be able to achieve a successful event activity. For convenience there are some companies and individuals you could look for to work for you and create your template. This could be very ideal especially if you have the money to spend and you have lesser time to create your own template.