Planning an event, no matter what type it is or on what scale, can often be a daunting experience, especially for the novice. But even if you are a skilled and seasoned event planner, you may well often need a hand in the management and organisation of it to make life easier. Here are six event planning tools that can be used to assist in planning a wide range of events.


PAAM software is a useful tool in planning the recruitment process of staff and volunteers. It can also help to manage staff that you already have. It’s also useful when you need to manage or organise staff for certain events such as attending conferences or exhibitions. With this tool, you can group staff members together and keep abreast of events, progress, changes, etc.

Conference Hound

If you need to keep up to date with the latest industry developments, then you’ll probably need to be aware of upcoming conferences and key speakers. It’s a well-known fact that conferences provide vital networking opportunities and contacts for potential business. Conference Hound is a tool that enables you to find out when and where the latest conferences are, based on different industries. You can plan and keep track on the event and get up to date news.

Event Planning Tools

Event Expresso

For those event planners using WordPress, Event Expresso offers a total event registration and management solution. Easy-to-use event calendars enable you or your attendees to add items to it, keeping track of important dates and times. You can use customisable event designs and safe venue or staff settings and profiles for future use.

Tom’s Planner

Planning simultaneous projects can be tricky and hard to monitor, so Tom’s Planner is an ideal tool to help you do that. It’s a lot easier to navigate and use compared to traditional tools used to manage projects, such as Excel. Tom’s Planner is basically an online Gantt chart, which enables you to create simply Gantt charts using drag and drop features. You can add information to your event charts, manage and store data, and share them.


Powernoodle is a tool that helps you to plan your projects more effectively. It’s based on a guided approach and helps simplify brainstorming and feedback evaluation, as well as evaluate ideas and allocate resources. It can help motivate and engage staff, bring out their strengths and help you to achieve the goals of your event planning projects.

More Conference

This planning tool is an online networking service for conferences and events. It’s a useful tool for those delegates who want to make contact with others prior to the event and stay in contact once the event is over. As a networking tool, it ensures that you meet the right people that you want to on the day of the event or conference, thus saving you time. By making initial contact through this tool it also breaks the ice and can make networking less daunting. The tool allows you to share your work and views, as well as promote your services.

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