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Planning a successful corporate event is a hard work; you have to find the right venue, sort out catering, entertainment, stands and decorations, invites, and countless other things.  A well run event will impress the delegates and hopefully have people talking about the day for a long time to come.  A badly organized event could have people talking for all the wrong reasons.

Many small companies make the mistake of trying to handle all the work behind their events themselves.  It’s easy to assume that running UK events is easy; hire a hotel conference room, send out some invites, and lay on some snacks – that’s all there is to it, right?  Sadly, many of these companies quickly learn that things aren’t quite that simple.

Juggling IT, Catering and More

Some of the most common things that novice event organizers overlook are the IT and electronics facilities at the venue and the way that catering works.

If you’re hosting a small conference, and it turns out that the hotel WiFi isn’t up to the job, or the venue has limited plugs or projectors, then that could put a serious dampener on any presentations that people had planned.

Event Planning UK

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If you’re using the venue’s in house catering, you’ll have to contact them to sort out any special dietary requirements or scheduling.  If you plan to use an outside caterer, you’ll have to confirm that this is OK with the venue and make arrangements for storage, serving, and cleaning up afterwards.

Another issue to consider is access to the event. If it’s a small, intimate event with just a handful of guests, then you can manage the guest list yourself.  For an event with hundreds of people attending you may need a ticketing solution.  You could use Eventbrite to handle tickets and barcodes for you, or ask the venue if they have their own ticket or pass system for managing access to their premises.  Whatever you decide, preventing gatecrashers is important if you want the event to be a success.

Using an Outside Agency

One way to ensure that things go well is to bring in a third party that offers events management services. You will have to pay for the service, but by allowing a company that specialises in UK events to handle your corporate event arrangements you should save a lot of money in the long run, and have a much more successful event.

Dealing with venues and suppliers by yourself can be a stressful experience.  Many venues are slow to answer questions and are likely to offer uncompetitive rates to an independent event organizer.  Professional events management services have more clout when it comes to negotiating with suppliers, and this means that they can get better rates, and make sure that everything is arranged to your liking.

Of course, there are some things you will need to think about yourself – such as the date of the event, and whether you’re going to lay on transport to get guests to and from the event, or will expect people to make their own way there.

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This article was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of AMA Events, a company offering events management services for UK events. Visit their site to find out more about their previous UK events or how their events management services could help you.