There’s no denying the fact that Pinterest is one of the hottest social networking sites in the world. As of 2012, Pinterest has already emerged as third among the top social networking sites. At 104 million users around the world and only two years old, Pinterest relegates LinkedIn, one of the social media pioneers, to number 4.

Pinterest allows users to create boards, “pin” images and automatically link to it to the actual source. On its website, it says that Pinterest users can “organize” images and “share” them on the web, and this works out well for those who are looking for inspirations when organizing and planning for events, like weddings and conventions, or event remodeling their home. Indeed, the possibilities are endless with Pinterest. But more than saving, organizing and sharing images, Pinterest has also emerged a practical tool for event coordinators and organizers. In fact, they would turn to Pinterest for inspiration.

Event Planning Using Pinterest

Now, how is this possible? Keep on reading and find out!

Organizing Made Easy with Pinterest

The main feature that sets Pinterest apart from any other social networking sites is the user’s ability to organize all the images that they need, especially when planning for events. This is possible if you create several boards and then classifying their images according to the theme, aspect or sequence of the event that they want. You will find this really great if you are brainstorming for ideas or discussing the details with your organizers. A visual reference that’s just a click away is certainly ideal to make it easier and faster to shape the way you want your event to be.

Create a Board for Venue Selections and More

If you are scouting for venues, you can create a board just for that purpose, so it’s easier for you to choose the best locations. You can also create a board and pin the images of your visitors and speaker so everyone knows who are coming and what to expect from the event. If you are seeking for ideas from friends and family, try opening a group board and let them pin images of venues and menus that they think are most suitable for the occasion.

Create a Board for Menu Selection

A board stuffed with images of different menus would also be a great help if you are looking for cuisines that would trigger everyone’s appetite. You only want the yummiest food laid on the banqueting table and Pinterest is just right tool to help you plan and decide what to serve.

Wedding Planning Made Easy with Pinterest

A lot of couples are already hitting Pinterest when looking for weddings ideas. If you are hunting for your wedding gown, florals, themes, or wedding reception venue, look around and pin photos of all that you want to choose from. Georgia Tech’s Mandie Volpe would tell lovebirds to hunt for wedding images from professional photographers and let it serve as their inspiration as they plan for their dream wedding with their ideal wedding locations.

Great Help for Exhibitors and Sponsors

Exhibitors and sponsors also see Pinterest as an interesting site to visit when organizing events. suggests pinning images of past images and linking it to your website to build up thrill and excitement, as well as steer the interest and attention of would-be participants. Attendees will also know who are your followers, thus, they’ll find it easier to build connection and establish rapport with one another. Make your event more searchable, too, by including relevant keywords on the description—phrases that you think are probably searched by your participants

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