With all the planning and money that goes into hosting a big affair, it makes sense to go the extra mile and give attendees a physical reminder of the special day. If your event is an annual occurrence, or a fund raising function, promoting it with mementos of your appreciation is a wonderful way to keep people coming back, and loyal to your cause year after year.

Determining what is an appropriate and affordable way to commemorate an occasion can be both fun and, perhaps a bit daunting. In addition to deciding what you may want to give away to party goers, you also must decide on a logo or theme, if you haven’t already. Once this is decided upon, one must don their creative thinking caps and brainstorm ways to extend gratitude for those attending the event.

The most obviously popular commemorative item is the t-shirt. Everyone wears them and delights in owning one that shows support of a specific cause or event. Though you can print custom white t-shirts for as low as two dollars, if you are hosting an event for a large number of people, the cost can easily reach into the thousands, so depending on your budget, and what you hope to take away from the event, this may not be the most financially viable option. If you don’t mind the cost, however, t-shirts are a great way to show thanks. Remember to order various sizes.

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There are, of course, numerous inexpensive items that one can have a logo printed upon. Cups are another good choice for give away items, for much the same reason that tee shirts are. Everyone uses cups as well! Or, perhaps, your event is serving canned drinks or bottled beverages. An easy way and fun way to serve those canned drinks would be in a koozie. You know, those foam can coolers? You can have your function’s brand name emblazoned across both of these items, and given to anyone thirsty enough to drink. These options are both viable and budget friendly event promotion items.

Consider when and where your event will take place when coming up with a good memorabilia item. If your happening is taking place outside during the warmer days, sunglasses are a creative item to give away to your attendees. Your logo can be printed on the earpieces! Another practical and cute idea for an event on a sunny day would be to have your event name on a packet or bottle of sunscreen. You don’t want all your attendees squinting and sunburned, do you? In conjunction, though it may be a higher priced item to have prepared, if you are having an event in the colder months, a personalized fleece blanket is a clever idea to show appreciation.

Consider EVERYTHING about your event when trying to decide on the perfect commemorative item. The more you consider, the more fitting the item you decide to give away as a token of thanks will be, thus making your event all the more memorable and all the more popular in years to come.

If your event is to raise money to benefit children, some sort of a toy like a frisbee, a boomerang, or a novelty stress ball may be a good idea. If your event is occurring around the Christmas holidays, an personalized ornament may be a good way to go. If your event is centered around an environmental issue, perhaps a tote bag or notebook made of recycled materials would be applicable. There are so many customizable items out there, any angle you can think of to promote your event, likely has a counterpart that makes sense to personalize.

You want your event to be as successful, distinguished, and impressive as possible. Do your homework figuring out the best way to provide your event guests with a souvenir of the occasion, and not only will you have provided them with incentive to attend you occasion again, you will have established a tradition of excellence.

Photo Credit: Incase