Motivation is the key to getting anything done; we need to have a reason to do the things we want to do. If you holding an event where you are hoping the audience will be motivated to do something, whether it is buy your product, become a new client or a better employee for your company, a motivational speaker, or speakers, will be a key component. Below are some tips for finding the right speaker for your event.

Get Crystal Clear on Exactly What You Want From Your Audience

This may sound obvious but we often suffer from a lack of clarity when it comes to the things we want, the things we want to accomplish and the things we are hoping other people will do. What is the purpose of this event? What do you want people to gain from it? What do you want them to do? What actions are you hoping they will take?

If you are looking to motivate employees for example, you want to find a speaker who will not just motivate—motivation is temporary—but will offer concrete steps to effect change, a way to shift perspective and other tools that lead to actual positive change. If your goal involves getting your audience to make some sort of immediate decision in the short-term, a speaker who is good at inspiring people to ‘’act now’’ would be a good fit.

Get Some Background on the Speaker

Speaker’s bureaus, which represent professional speakers, typically have brief video clips you can view. Any speaker who works on their own should have this too and if you do not see a direct link on their site to view one, make sure to ask. Not having one does not necessarily mean a red flag, but offering one makes good sense if they expect people to pay them to talk.

Fifty people can present the same idea 50 different ways. The speaker’s personal experience, life philosophy and myriad of other factors determine their approach to motivational speaking. These clips are a great way to get an idea of their overall style and to see if you gel with their message.

Do some homework on their education and professional experience. Get references and then actually contact them.

Give Yourself Adequate Time to Find the Right Speaker

Top speakers typically have busy schedules; finding the speakers for your event is not something you do several weeks before the event, it is something you do several months before, sometimes even longer. Typically, you will need to book someone at least three to six months in advance, maybe even up to a year. This is not something to be put off, but one of the top priorities in planning your event.


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