If you are spending a great deal of time putting together grand events to market your business, it is only natural that you will want the world to know about them. Whether it is a product launch, a keynote speech or a company showcase, filming your event will mean it’s not just something that those there on the day can experience. Creating a professional video that showcases your event in the best possible light can however be a challenge.

Creating a video of your event isn’t just a case of filming for a few hours. To produce something that effectively captures the sights, the sounds and the experiences of the day, you will need to plan ahead. If you have been tasked with creating the event video, below we have detailed our top tips for creating a video that will not just wow your delegates there on the day but also your future prospective clients too.

Event Video

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Plan Ahead

It’s crucial that you have a plan put in place for what you want to achieve from your video. Consider what you want to capture from the day. Be sure to scope out the venue so that you know the best places to film and where the crowd will be exiting and where speakers will be entering.

It’s important that you visit the venue before the event so that you can record test footage. Sound can often be an issue when recording live events, so avoid any difficulties on the day by capturing some footage at the venue beforehand.

Also ensure you know who to contact at the venue for any technical assistance you may require.

Know The Schedule

Knowing the timings of the day’s events is crucial. Before the day you should know exactly when everything is taking place and put together a schedule of your own that informs you exactly where you need to be at different points in the day. Of course you should also be aware of any schedule changes or spontaneous events that could take place during the day.

Film Every Aspect Of The Event

It’s important that you don’t just focus on the main event but instead capture every aspect of what’s going on. To ensure great footage, consider filming delegates entering the event, the crowd, areas behind the scenes and the event being set up. Also be sure to capture exterior footage before any attendees arrive. If your event is taking place in the evening, consider arriving just before the sunset so that you can capture some excellent footage that shows the sun going down and night setting in.

Act Invisible

When filming an event, subtlety is key. You should be so subtle that you might as well be invisible. Dress in clothes that make you blend in, not stand out. Take note of the event’s dress code and ensure you meet this. To make your event film as natural as possible, keep out of the audience’s sight and be quick to capture your footage.

Try To Use Multiple Cameras

If you can, try and have a few of you recording the event. This way you can cover absolutely everything that takes place on the day and get rid of anything you don’t need when it comes to editing. It’s better to have too much footage than not enough.
For best results have everyone filming the event using the same model of camera and have white balanced and set up the same, this way you will have a polished look that looks uniform.

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