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When you run a big corporate event it’s always a good idea to hire a specialised events photographer to capture the day. It’s also great to give your staff a reminder of your successful event because these photos can help them to be motivated and build their team spirit. High quality photos are also good to use as promotional materials and brochures.

Once you have chosen your events photographer you will need to brief them carefully to make sure that you get the shots that you want. The event only happen once so you don’t want to miss your chance to get things right. Here are 5 ideas to help you keep your photographer on brief:

1. Make Sure They Know Which People Count

If you are organising a large conference you are likely to have very senior officials there. You may also have guest speakers and even a celebrity attending so you want to make sure that you get some great shots of these people. Introduce your photographer to the people that they will need to capture so that they will recognise them in the crowd and know who they should be looking out for.

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2. Give Them A Schedule Of The Days Events

It may sound obvious but if you want your photographer to get the shots you need then they will have to be in the right place at the right time. You will need to give them an up to date schedule of the day’s events and highlight any key note speeches, break-out sessions or team building games that you particularly want photographed. Remember they may need to get to a room early to set up their equipment so allow enough time between sessions for them to do this.

3. Show Them Examples Of The Shots You Want

Sometimes it’s hard to convey what you want out of a photograph in words so why not use a picture instead. Before the conference have a look at other corporate brochures and search the internet for styles of photography that you feel will suit your brand. Then you can easily show your event photographer how you want your shots to look and the type of images that you are expecting from them.

4. Tell Them What You Want In The Background

As discussed earlier in this article you will have briefed your photographer on who you want in your photos but you also need to tell them what you want in your photos. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a great shot of a speaker but having an object such as a chair or lectern blocking your company logo. Be clear that you want full logos in the background of any shots that they take. If you are having your conference in a stunning venue or fantastic location you may also want them to get shots of these in the background too.

5. Don’t Forget To Photograph The Evening Entertainment

After a hard days of work your staff would want a chance to unwind. Many large corporations organise a party with food, music and dancing in the evening. Whilst it’s great to have the formal shots from the conference it can also be fun to get some more relaxed pictures to capture everyone really enjoying themselves. Let your photographer know if you want them to take some evening shots – they will definitely make everyone smile. – EventChecklist.net

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Indigo Plum is an events photographer based in St Albans in the UK. Simon Lane has been a professional photographer since 1982 and specialises in corporate events photography and videography.

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