Like most girls you probably dreamed of having a fairytale wedding when you were younger. Your dream wedding might look a lot different now that you’ve grown up. Lots of people decide they don’t want to get married in their own country and a tropical wedding in a far off land is a much better option. It might have crossed your mind too, so we’re going to look at some of the benefits you’ll get from saying your vows in another country.

You’ll Be a Little Different

Weddings don’t feel very special these days because we’ve been to so many of them before. You sit in church and watch a couple give their vows then you head of to the reception where you drink yourself into an early grave. Get married in a tropical location and there is a good chance it’s something hardly any of your guests will have experienced before. You will also be happy you did something different instead of getting married in a cold church like everyone else.

Fairytale Wedding

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Everyone Will Get a Holiday

How many of your guests will be going abroad this year on a foreign holiday of their own? Even if they are going on holiday the fact you’re getting married abroad just means they’ll get to go on two. These days it doesn’t cost must for your guests to travel to your wedding because flights and hotels are so cheap. If they’re traveling to your wedding from out of state they probably won’t spend much more than if you were getting married in the church at the end of your street.

You’ll Have Less Guests

Deciding who to invite to your wedding is horrible and it’s usually because you always want to leave a few people out. If you’re getting married at a big church it’s very difficult to leave someone out without offending them. That means you’ll feel obliged to ask someone to come even though you’d rather they stayed at home. When you get married abroad you only need to invite your closest family and friends, so it gives you an excuse to pass on those people you want to stay away.

You’ll Be Treated Like Royalty

When you get married at home you’ll be treated well because you’re a bride, but you won’t really be treated like a princess. Get married in a foreign location and it feels different because everyone will run after you a lot more. In some countries they love Americans showing up to take their vows because it means more money for the local economy, so if they treat you like royalty you’ll tell everyone how wonderful your wedding was and in the future more people will want to get married there.

It’s Easier to Organize

If you’re in another country you can get someone else to set up the wedding and you just need to be on the other end of the phone to tell them what to do. Once you arrive at your nice hotel you won’t need to lift a finger. You won’t even need to jump in a limo to arrive at the wedding because it’s likely you’ll be getting married inside the hotel or on the beach close to it. Your life will be made a little easier by getting married abroad and it means you’ll have to deal with less stress.

Follow Your Heart

If you desperately want a foreign wedding you should go for it. I’m sure it might leave a few people unhappy, but their feelings don’t count. You already know some of the benefits, so maybe you should go away and look at some of the negatives before you come to a final decision. –