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Fireworks are an unmissable ingredient for any large public celebrations, and rarely fail to draw enormous crowds. Events like New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July simply wouldn’t be the same without a cavalcade of rockets being launched into the black of night to the oo’s and ah’s of an awestruck audience. The promise of a fireworks display can be a big boost to the attendance of your event, and can also help build your reputation; especially if you can make it an annual occurrence. If you promise a show, however, you have to make it good. The result of an exciting fireworks is elation, the result of a bad or, even worse, a boring display is dwindling crowds. If you are planning on creating a fireworks show to bring in more people to your next big event, then consider our tips for organizing a fireworks blowout.

Take Note of Legal Hindrances

Before you start buying or planning anything, it is important to discuss your plans with the local authorities. They can inform you of anything that may hinder your performance, such as permits, legal levels of noise pollution, times at which fireworks must be ceased and other restrictions. Many states have different laws you may not be aware of, and cities within those states can have even stricter rules, so ensure you know exactly what you are allowed to do before you do it.

Fireworks Blowout

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Invest in Quality AND Quantity

Fireworks can be pricey, so it can be quite tempting to go for smaller, cheaper ones that give you less bang for less bucks. The thing is, this is 2015! If people want a couple of wimpy little bangs, then they’ll buy them from the local supermarket. People want to be blown-away, they want to be impressed. We aren’t saying you need to match New York City’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza, but it needs to look more professional than something you’d see out of somebody’s backyard. If you are committing to a fireworks display then make sure you buy good quality fireworks in bulk. The aim is to bring more people to your event, and by investing in fireworks worth talking about you’ll be bringing in a crowd of people that are happy to spend money.

Plan Your Display

On the subject of producing a professional firework display, picking your favorites and letting them go off one-by-one really isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you want to design an outline plan for how and when each firework is going to be launch. It is best to first purchase your fireworks and then create a list of the inventory and what kind of explosion they are. You can then create a second-by-second rundown of when each one of them with be launched. Once you have this plan created, you can either create an interconnecting fuse that slowly burns to set the fireworks off in time to your plan, or you can purchase a fireworks detonator which allows you to flip a switch and blow them sky-high when it’s time for the next set to be launched. Remember, when planning your display, don’t forget the big finish!

Never Underestimate The Influence of Music

While adding a music playlist to your show may incur extra cost – through equipment and royalties – it is instrumental in creating a memorable display. Music sets the atmosphere, amps up the excitement and, if timed correctly, can even elevate the experience of a particular explosion. When creating your plan, consider songs that you may want to use during the display. Most fireworks will give you an approximate time in which it takes them to explore after leaving the ground, allowing you to choreograph them to the timing of the music.

Take Safety Precautions

By far the most crucial piece of advice you should take away from this article is the importance of understanding the dangers of using live explosives. Serious injuries can occur from misusing fireworks so, in order to ensure the safety of yourself and your attendees, certain procedures must be enforced at all times. All the details you should know about firework safety is enough to cover an entirely separate article, luckily, somebody has already gone through the trouble of writing it for us.

Consult Professionals

To put it simply, when in doubt, ask the experts. Fireworks are tricky business and there is no point risking an accident, or a boring show, simply because you didn’t consult someone who actually knows what they are doing. Whether you want help planning the display’s structure, setting up timers and detonators or anything else involved in the process, there are plenty of specialists and event organizers that you can contact. It’s much better to find out before the event if everything that you are doing is safe for your staff and employees.

Words by Jon Culverhouse, of Fantastic Fireworks. – EventChecklist.net