From fantastic wedding bouquets and lovely Mother’s Day arrangements to different variety of flowers we offer in the hope of soothing hurt emotions, there are numerous events and purposes behind why we give flowers.

Blooms are doubtlessly excellent and are rightly considered as the most graceful gift of nature. Fresh blossom arrangements express pure feelings. A flower bundle can be decided for adding beauty to the space or for gifting depending upon the mood and the event.

Next time you give the endowment of blossoms, pause a minute to consider their significance before you purchase. Blossoms can be a wonderfully personal gift when you pick one whose significance most nearly matches the message you’re attempting to pass on. If it’s friend’s birthday, a sudden flower delivery to that place will surely surprise him/her. Or if it’s your anniversary, sending flowers to your spouse can be a best gesture for care.

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Beginning from the enthusiastic dark red rose to the dainty white lily; each and any color send some emotional message. When you choose to purchase or gift the next bundle of fresh blossoms, consider the auspicious occasion and mood so that you can effectively convey what you mean.

Red Flowers – Love! Passion! Energy!

Red is the most candidly exceptional intense color. It’s a strong and bright color that symbolizes passion, enthusiasm. Red color flowers are in this way messengers of affection and romance. Whether it’s a wedding commemoration or the beautiful Valentine’s Day, a bunch of red roses, gerberas, tulips or carnations will adequately convey your love and care for them. Red is even the color of desire and enticement. Red flowers have the closest symbolic similarity to the heart.

Pink Flowers – Feminine! Sweetness! Innocence!

Pink is a fun loving color and mostly every young girl just adore it! Pink blossoms symbolize purity, cheerful, live mood and affectability. Pink blooms are now and again thought to be the best for youthful love as they are not as extraordinary as darker reds. Just like the color itself, pink blooms are connected to femininity and a sensitive vibe. It’s the gentle color of the pink blossoms that make them famous among the lovers. Delightfully new, roses, carnations, lilies, gerberas and chrysanthemums are most favored crisp blooms for gifting.

Yellow Flowers- Happiness! Positivity!

Happy and sunny, yellow sprouts are thought to be the flowers for priceless friendship and obedient love or feeling of positive affection. Yellow is a shade that easily catch’s attention thus office gatherings are regularly enhanced with yellow roses, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemum and much more. Yellow blossoms represent sentiments like trust, sensitivity and appreciation. These are often the blooms decided for gifting a hardworking employee with remarkable performance and accomplishments.

White Flowers – Purity! Truthful! Peaceful!

The white blooms are connected with Purity, mending, trustworthiness and perfection. These white roses are often picked as marriage blooms. White blooms are an interior decorators delight as they go with most color palettes. Some rich elegant white blooms like the valley’s Lily, Ivy, Star of Bethlehem are viewed as the best alternatives as apology flowers. Other most well known fresh white blooms for gifting or stylistic decor are white carnations, orchids, calla lilies and daisies. All of these blossoms are connected to pure and unselfish love and everlasting dedication.

Orange Flowers- Friendly! Vibrant! Auspicious!

Orange is the color that relates to the sun and hence orange blooms are offered on cheerful events. A bunch of orange gerberas or exotic Bird of heaven can light up any indoor space. Dazzling orange lilies, roses, gladiolas or tulips would light up any event when sent across as gift.

Mixed Colour Flowers

A bunch of flowers with every color flower bring hopes of happiness, joy. So, blended flowers bundle can be ideally selected when you send a ‘Get well soon’ bunch as, brilliant hues have the power of lifting the soul and sprucing up the state of mind.


So, before sending flowers to any of your relative, friends or colleagues – pause for a moment and think which flowers would be considered the best for a particular cause.–